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archiveMay 2018


How Chris Hemsworth Got JACKED To Become Thor

When it comes to working out and staying in shape, Chris Hemsworth is a prime example of work ethic and keeping routine. Yet, even he says he can get bored in workouts that focus on just one singular group alone. “My workouts are also about being diverse and mixing things...

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Body Transformation is INSANE

It's no secret that actors and actresses will go through insane body transformations in order to look right for a role. We've seen this done by actors like Chris Pratt, who got SHREDDED preparing for his role of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as Chris Hemsworth, who...

Here’s How To Get An Absolutely SHREDDED Physique

Building a muscular physique isn't incredibly difficult, but it requires you to take the time to learn exactly how each muscle is structured. Now, it's not as simple as moving a bunch of weight, but that's definitely part of the equation. To get the best results possible, you must understand...

12 Tips For Eating Healthy

We all know that working out consistently is a crucial part of staying in shape, but having healthy eating habits is equally important. While there are plenty of diets out there promising amazing results, the fact is maintaining a healthy diet is something that everyone can do. All you have...

Resting Done Right

When getting in a solid workout, rest time between sets often goes overlooked. As long as the sets are getting done, does it really matter how long it takes? The answer is a resounding YES! Rest time between sets, I'd argue, is just as important as using good form in...

Terry Crews Shares A Quick Secret

When you hear Old Spice, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the iconic whistle jingle. We all know it and now it is going to be stuck in your head for days. But the other thing that may cross your mind is those hilarious Terry Crews'...
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