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EXCLUSIVE: Shredded Academy Interviews Josh Hopkins

Personal trainer Josh Hopkins gives us the inside scoop on what keeps him motivated, and how he stays shredded. I have learned you gotta have the “it is what it is mindset”. Gotta let shit be and continue to keep yourself together, no matter what life hits you with. Remember...

What Are Good Fats?

Let's talk about FATS. Do they make you physically fat?? Are they bad for you or beneficial?? Well not all fats are bad for you contrary to what you may have been told. There are tremendous HEALTH benefits associated with fats. They are, but not limited to: Fighting cancers and...

The Ignored Benefits Of Cheat Meals

Okay cheat meals- the double edge sword. This is the meal you look forward to but also dread at the same time. Once the meal is over you automatically start thinking of what the physical outcomes is going to be. Here is the thing: Cheat meals actually have benefits, here...

Tuesday Motivation: Strong & Sexy

Confidence may come from within, but looking good definitely helps. Think about it. If you are speaking in front of a big crowd, or going out with a group of people, would you be less nervous if you know you look good? While much of the world wishes to praise...

Fit Is The New Skinny (Photo Gallery)

Once upon a time being skinny was seen as ideal, but things have changed. Now, being FIT is far more desirable than having a teeny tiny body. Rather than go on and on about why being fit is better, I figure I'll just show you. So, here's a gallery of...

The Best Ways To Grow Muscle

Much of the allure of bodybuilding is that it carries with it a mystique of “gym-lore” that began in the Steve Reeves era, blossomed in the golden era of Arnold and has now been cultivated by the industry into a veritable encyclopedia of tricks, secrets, methods and techniques for both...

Check This Out If You Have Lost Your Motivation

Monday is here, which means it's time for some Monday Motivation. Today we are featuring Iranian bodybuilder Mousa Esmaeilpour. Growing up, Mousa was drawn to the sport of wrestling. For years he dedicated himself to his craft, but tragically his career never took off due to a host of injuries....

This Muhammed Ali Motivational Video Will Give You Chills

There may never be an athlete as dominant and entertaining as Muhammad Ali. The former heavyweight champion was a polarizing figure around the world not only for his boxing expertise, but his activities and controversies outside of the ring as well. During his time as the world's greatest fighter, Ali...
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