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6 Essential Meal Prepping Tools

Summer days can get pretty hectic with work, sleeping enough, hitting the gym, and then to add cooking a suitable meal for your diet is nearly impossible. Meal prepping has been the best solution to this widespread problem, and I've got tools to make it even easier. 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer...

Jason Statham 50 Years Young And SHREDDED

  Jason Statham, a world famous actor and arguably the face of physical fitness in Hollywood, is an action star that turns heads with some of his physical feats. And when a guy can be that athletic and in shape, it's no wonder he continues getting calls for action movies....

Rising Star and Utah Native Kryss DeSandre

Kryss DeSandre is a 22-year-old up and coming fitness star. The bikini competitor has been training seriously since 2015 after her physique was noticed by a trainer who insisted she begin competing. As Kryss recalls, "I was excited, but I didn’t know where to begin. ended up training me, and...

7 Lifts To Get Your Back Rock Solid

And we're back again with another body breaking workout from The Rock's own playbook. You could definitely try this routine on your next back day, OR you could simply start to add a few of these lifts to the routine you've already grown to know and love. Either way, the...

10 Overlooked Benefits of Running

Are you a runner? If not, you should be. There are a host of benefits when it comes to running outside of getting a good cardio workout. Yes, you're burning calories, but you also boost your immune system, increase lung strength, and a whole lot more. Take a look at...

Workout Like James Bond

There have been a handful of James Bond's throughout the years, each one as suave and smooth as the one before. However, Daniel Craig brought a physique to the Bond character that hasn't been seen before. In 2006, Craig started his portrayal as 007 in Casino Royal and ten years...

Coffee: Your New Pre-Workout

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks around the world, and for a pretty good reason. Coffee wakes you up, gives you energy, and gets your morning started on the right track, but coffee actually has quite a few benefits that are not normally talked about, including the benefits...

Stretching Is More Important Than You Think

A common misconception is that stretching is only for runners, swimmers, or gymnasts. Actually, though, stretching is beneficial, if not necessary, for everyone, whether you consider yourself an athlete or not. Not only does it help with flexibility (duh) but it keeps your muscles stronger and healthier while maintaining a...
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