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Swedish Fitness Pro Sandra Reiche is a BEAST

Sandra Reiche is a 31 year old fitness and bikini model from Sweden. She's been in the profession since she was about 25 after starting serious weight training. Before this, however, Sandra admits she was not treating her body the way she would have liked, saying: "I decided that I...

Kevin Hart: There’s Nothing Funny About Working Out

This funny man has made his fortune in stand-up comedy and in the movies, but what about what he's been doing in the gym? Kevin Hart has quickly become one of the faces of fitness. His Instagram, and his new show, seem to be nothing but fitness tips, workouts, and...

Tom Hardy’s Workout Plan Is Absolutely Crazy

Tom Hardy has been jacked in quite a few of his movies. Just taking one look at him in the movie "Warrior" and all of your questions about why you should train like this guy will be answered. For his role as a beastly MMA fighter, Hardy worked out hard...

The Rock’s Complete Shoulder Workout

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has become one of the faces of fitness in todays generation, and for good reason! I mean, you don't get a nickname like 'THE ROCK' without being jacked. We all already know this, but have you ever wondered how he got those mountain size shoulders? The...

Savannah Prez 20 Year Old Fitness Model

Allow me to introduce Belgian Fitness modelĀ  Savannah Prez. After playing basketball for 10 years, this 20 year old decided to switch to a sport that "I could do on my terms." And now she looks INCREDIBLE. Lucky for us, Prez decided to share her weekly workout routine, and the...

8 Ways To Have Fun On Your Cardio

We all have that friend that just will not seem to shut up about how "great" running is. "Oh, it's just so rewarding," "the sense of accomplishment is sooo worth it," "I decided to run 15 miles today, just for fun, blah blah". It can definitely get annoying after a...

How to Make The Perfect Post-Workout Steak

I don't know about you, but I love myself a good, juicy steak. But it's hard to find a healthy way to prepare it without taking away all the delicious flavor. You can find a few different recipes online that accomplish this goal, but my favorite has been the Southwestern...
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