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Alice Matos Brazilian Fitness Sensation

Height: 5’2” – 157 cm Weight: 123 lbs – 56 kg How did you get started with bodybuilding? I started to take training serious about three years ago, but before that I had always been athletic. When I was a kid I used to play several sports including volleyball, basketball...


MICHAEL COUNIHAN Age: 32 Height: 5’9″ – 175 cm Weight: 205 lbs – 93 kg How did you get started with bodybuilding? Initially, my motivation for working out came from training for football at the age of twelve. Throughout college, I continued to have a passion for training. At that...

Here’s How To Build Muscle FAST Without STEROIDS

So you want to build muscle without steroids do you? Well let me tell you that natural bodybuilding is hard… Especially since it feels like it’s an uneven playing field in the gym, doesn’t it? There are some guys where you just know they’re on steroids. Other guys, you suspect, but aren’t really...

6 Daily Habits For Staying SHREDDED All Year Round

Physical exercises, undoubtedly, are critical to getting a well-built athletic body. Regular workouts are also instrumental to staying in shape and living a healthy life. Although very important, physical activity is not the only component of a balanced lifestyle. In both, getting and staying in shape, it is also important...

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Meal-Preping

Many of us aspire to live a healthy lifestyle, to feel fit and energized. But let’s face it, life can be busy! While setting goals to eat healthy may be easy, following through with those goals and staying consistent can be tricky. When you’re busy navigating through your daily life,...

lazar Angelov’s 5 Tips To Get SHREDDED Faster

Losing weight can be hard, but there are ways in which you can get good results.. No, I do not mean taking the fast route to success. I mean taking organic well-paved shortcuts that can help you achieve your weight loss goal sooner. If you’re wondering, which of these shortcuts...

Do Fat Burners Work? Here’s The Truth

Nothing drives supplement sales like fat burners. Not testosterone boosters. Not muscle gainers. Nothing. Take a pill and burn fat? Sounds amazing. However, it’s getting worse. As the average person becomes more and more obese, the sales for these pills just get higher. The marketing hype just gets louder and...
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