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See Why They Call This Guy ‘The Korean Hulk’

He has many nicknames: the Asian Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Korean Hulk, that one giant dude, but Hwang Chul-Soon is making a name for himself.

The world-renowned bodybuilder used to be a skinny teenager, but after spending years in the gym, it seems like all of his hard work is paying off in a HUGE way.

This transformation didn’t happen overnight. At the age of 20 Chul-Soon weighed a meager 125 lbs.

“I’ve worked hard and over the last 12 years I have gone up to more than 220 lbs. Now that I am much bigger people treat me with more respect. They call me the ‘Asian Sensation’, ‘Asian Pride’ and the ‘Asian Arnold’.”

“I used to do situps 3,000 times every day. Now since studying more about bodybuilding, I spend less time doing situps and more time eating properly. It gives you much better results.”

Chul Soon follows a strict, high-protein diet. Some of the daily staples include chicken breast, brown rice, bananas, protein shakes and supplements.

Holy smokes, this guy is absolutely massive!