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So You Think You May Have A Body Image Disorder?

In the health and fitness industry body image disorders are on the rise! Men and women alike are looking into the mirror and criticizing their bodies. Thoughts like ‘I am not big enough’ and ‘I am not lean enough’ are all too common but when do these thoughts become unhealthy? When do these thoughts start to signify a body image disorder? Have a read below to uncover the most common signs and see if any of these apply to you…

A preoccupation with physical appearance, with characteristics of anorexia nervosa and bulimia When your preoccupation with your body image becomes obsessive it’s time to take a step back or maybe even get help. Are you doing more cardio than necessary because you think you’re fat when you’re not? Other signs of this preoccupation may involve you feeling the need to punish yourself after you have eaten something you shouldn’t or depriving yourself of things you enjoy through fear of ruining your body image.

The belief that you have an abnormality or defect in appearance that makes you ugly Are you constantly finding things wrong with your appearance? If you are then it’s probably a good sign you have a body image disorder. Constantly criticizing your self isn’t right and it’s certainly not healthy in any way shape or form! Firstly it may be your nose, then your lips then your hair… it’s never-ending and it will put you on a slippery slope! Mirror, mirror on the wall… Do you find yourself frequently looking in the mirror, looking at your body and face while scrutinizing it? A constant obsession with mirrors is a sign of an underlining disorder – an unhealthy one at that! On the flip side of the coin avoiding mirrors altogether is also a sign that you may have a body disorder. Your relationship with mirrors should be normal and healthy. A severe dislike or obsession with your reflection are both signs that there may be something wrong.

Worrying what others think

Do you find yourself becoming extremely self-conscious and fretting over what other people are thinking of you? This can be a huge sign of a body image disorder. Being shy is one thing but going to great lengths worrying over what others may think of how they are judging you may be a warning sign that there’s something more sinister bubbling underneath the surface. Frequent cosmetic procedures with little satisfaction. This is a rather frightening one. Have you recently embarked upon plastic surgery but afterwards have spotted other things you feel need correcting? Plastic surgery can be a red light when it comes to body image disorder and the result is the more you get the more you want. Plastic surgery almost trains your brain into thinking that there are faults everywhere that need to be fixed. Surgery isn’t the answer and it won’t make you feel better about yourself. You will probably find that you are never satisfied with the results – so work on the inner problem not the pretend outer ones.

Refusing to appear in pictures

Refusing to be in pictures unless you have total control over them is something that can signify a body image disorder. Do you hate looking at pictures of yourself? Are you seeing things that other people aren’t? Maybe you are just completely refusing to be in pictures at all because they just make you upset with yourself. These symptoms may be indicating a body image disorder. You don’t feel confident without perfect makeup and clothes Refuse to leave the house and go to the gym without a full face of makeup applied? If you feel ugly without makeup and insecure unless you are wearing your best or some new clothes (or gym gear) then you may be suffering from a body image disorder. Body disorders can be a very consuming thing to happen and can result from a number of different life circumstances. They can affect many areas of your life and are not at all pleasant and you should seek help as soon as you can! Of course the above points are not the only ones that can signify a body image disorder, there are many others out there too!