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Workout Like James Bond

There have been a handful of James Bond’s throughout the years, each one as suave and smooth as the one before. However, Daniel Craig brought a physique to the Bond character that hasn’t been seen before.

In 2006, Craig started his portrayal as 007 in Casino Royal and ten years later he continues his role in Spectre. When you think about how he looks in 2006, to see him look just as fit in 2016 is insane! But as an international super spy, you’ve got to stay in shape.

In fact, according to Craig, he was even more fit 10 years later!

“I needed to get as fit as I possibly could [for Quantum of Solace]. Although I was big and muscled last time [for Casino Royale], I was actually not as fit as I am now.”
-Daniel Craig

Here’s how Craig transformed into Bond. James Bond.

Monday’s Workout
Power Circuit

-Clean and Press: 3 x 10
-Weighted Knee Raise: 3 x 10
-Weighted Step-ups: 3 x 12
-Pull-ups: 3 x 10
-Incline Pushup: 3 x 12
-Triceps Dips: 4 x 10

Tuesday’s Workout
Chest and Back

-Incline Bench Press: 4 x 10
-Pull-ups: 4 x 10
-Incline Pushup: 4 x 12
-Incline Pec Flys: 3 x 10

Wednesday’s Workout

-Squat: 3 x 10
-Straight-Leg Deadlift: 4 x 10
-Hamstring Curl: 4 x 12
-Weighted Lunge: 4 x 10

Thursday’s Workout
Shoulders and Arms

-Incline Biceps Curls: 4 x 10
-Triceps Dips: 4 x 12
-Lateral Raises: 4 x 10
-Shoulder Press: 3 x 12

Friday’s Workout
Power Circuit

-Clean and Press: 3 x 10
-Weighted Knee Raise: 3 x 12
-Weighted Step-ups: 4 x 10
-Pull-ups: 3 x 10
-Incline Push-ups: 4 x 10
-Triceps Dips: 3 x 10

Saturday’s Workout

-Cardio and Stretching

Sunday’s Workout

-Cardio and Stretching

The Bond diet varies. It’s not all shaken martini’s, as many may think. Try to aim for 6 healthy meals a day, keeping calories at around 2700, with high counts of carbs and protein while cutting back on the amount of fat you are consuming.

After a few months of dedication, you may not have the skills of a spy, but you’ll have the body of one!