It’s not unusual to enter a typical gym and see majority of females are in the cardio area while all the males are latching onto the nearest barbell. It’s a shame that women often feel intimidated by the thought of lifting weights since the benefits of weight training far outweigh the benefits of cardio.

Don’t take this to mean that cardio isn’t a useful part of an exercise regimen, but rather that cardio on its own is not going to build that shapely, toned body that most females desire. That’s why we have created a list of the top ten facts that females should Start lifting weights.

Let’s get to work.

1. Weight training with heavy resistance, WILL NOT make females Big and bulky

One of the most annoying myths that flow through gyms everywhere is the idea that females who train with relatively heavy weights will suddenly transform into the female equivalent of The Incredible Hulk. Reality is that females should train with heavy weights just like their male counterparts often do and no it won’t make you “bulky” and deepen your voice.

2. Lifting weights Accelerates fat-loss when combined with cardio

Having an workout routine  that relies only on cardio for fat-loss will eventually lead to stagnation as your metabolic rate will continue to drop as your body adapts to the demand you put on it. Therefore, the wise thing to do is incorporate more weight training while keeping cardio to as low of a frequency as possible (while still achieving your fat-loss goals).

3. Shapes your curves

Most females feel that the best way to shape their body and achieve a more toned look is by spending hours doing low-intensity cardio. The reality is that the best way to “bring out your curves” is to build strength and muscle. If all you do is constantly endure long bouts of low/moderate intensity cardio then you are basically lowering your metabolic rate while concomitantly losing muscle mass.

In the end, you will have lowered your body weight but increased your body-fat percentage (i.e. you will look “skinny-fat”). Don’t give in to the idea that you need to be a “cardio bunny” in order to be lean and toned.

4. More energy throughout the day

Weight training actually greatly improves your psychological well-being and enhances your sense of energy throughout your daily life. It’s not uncommon to feel completely wiped out and lifeless after spending hours on the treadmill; lifting, on the other hand actually boosts “feel-good” chemicals in the brain.

5. Improves mental health

Many females go to the gym because they find themselves depressed with the way they look and end up doing tons of cardio to fix the issue. Instead, these women would be much better off grabbing a barbell and letting out some of their worries on the iron. In the recent studies weight training has been shown to greatly reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Most females will find along the continuum of their training that lifting really does improve your body image and self-esteem.

6. Sleep like a baby at night

Females should aim for 6-8 hours of sleep per night, and they often fall short of this range due to things like stress and poor mood. Numerous studies have demonstrated that a sustained exercise regimen incorporating vigorous weight training can greatly improve sleep quality and the duration of sleep. In fact, weight training provides an effective natural alternative to pharmaceutical interventions in patients with insomnia.