It looks like meditation really can help you perform better and get better results in the gym. 

Not long ago, we covered a story about the muscle monk, who was crazy jacked for a guy surviving off donated food and meditating.

However, it might not seem as strange now, as more news has emerged that meditating can help you make more gains in the gym.

In fact, many professional athletes and coaches have utilized meditation to improve their breathing, focus and willpower.

Listen, we’re not like other news outlets that rely on standard information to deliver stories. So we went out and researched about how meditation really can help you along your fitness journey.

Increased Rate of Recovery

One way that meditation can help, is by reducing stress levels and keeping you calm.

Ultimately, going to the gym and throwing weights around to deal with anger issues can result in some harm; it’s never a good idea trying to lift bigger weights than you need, especially to make yourself feel better.

Not only that, meditation has shown to improve your quality of sleep.

Ultimately, people forget that your muscles grow during your rest periods, not in the gym, so improving your sleep results in an increased rate of recovery and even muscle growth.

Raised Testosterone Levels

You’re probably thinking this is BS, but meditating really can help boost your T levels.

How? Well, remember that cortisol levels have a HUGE effect on your testosterone levels; studies have shown that higher stress (and therefore cortisol) levels has a catabolic effect on your muscle mass and testosterone levels.

Now, we’ve already established that meditation can reduce your anxiety and stress levels. So in turn, meditating for a few hours per week really can have a positive effect on your T levels.


Improved Breathing

Breathing is often overlooked when it comes to sports performance.

But don’t forget that it was Mr. Miyagi himself in the Karate Kid film, that said: “Breathe in through nose. Out through mouth. Don’t forget to breathe, very important.” – and everyone knows that you don’t f*ck with Mr. Miyagi.

In case you’re not a fan of the classic film, we’ve found a study that proves breathing is important…

Dr Mitch Lomax found that a focus on breathing properly can improve sporting performance by up to 15% – not bad for simply improving something we can all do, ey?

So while you do it without thinking about it, meditating can help you control your breathing better, so you perform better in the gym and make better progress on your goals.


Ultimately, we seem to unlocked the mystery of the muscle monk ourselves; meditation really can improve your sporting performance, and help you sculpt your dream body.

Of course, this goes without saying, but you obviously still need to work hard in the gym and on your diet.

But next time you have some spare time, you could spend an hour meditating to increase your testosterone levels and quality of sleep – which could make a big difference to your physique.