You cannot solve weight solutions by killing yourself for nothing. It doesn’t matter how desperate you have become. Derek Young broke off the food addiction after learning from his own calls.

Derek Young was almost succumbing to morbid obesity. At his twenty third age, he was around 355 pounds accompanied by 50 per cent of body fats. He had developed an addiction of food from his childhood and had specifically delving on fast foods. He said that his go-to Taco Bell was a 4 beef quesaritos served with potatoes, a two ranch Doritos Locos and about 4 to 8 Cinnabon Delights.

After his doctor’s screening, he was found with numerous life-threatening diseases that sprang from his weight. Young could not find a solution after many years of food-fondness and complete reliance for his daily body processes. He felt absolutely helpless landed in for despair. And failing in his attempt to commit suicide, he backed onto his reclamation journey for a positive change. He first of all tried therapy. A therapy is a tool (perhaps a life changing one) for those breaking from food addictions. However, Young never found the freedom he desired from the therapy. This was the moment that defined him with a turnabout power. He simply pulled into a Taco Bell drive-through, ordering a quarter of what he normally eats. 

Young said, that rush with exclamation of, ‘Holy crap, I can do this,’ remained a powerful confession at that time. He added that he was for once in his life proud of himself and it marked his pivotal moments in his recovery. It definitely changed. He had capitalized on his small, profound merry-time. Generally, he focused on eating less which basically saw him losing 205 pounds each year.

He nowadays advises that no one should convince himself that he is a prisoner of mind and body for lifetime. He expresses further that only an individual can save himself and they just have to dedicate their lives for self-rescue process and time.

Each and everybody’s turning point is always different. As for Young, it had begun with his willingness and decision to lend himself the help he himself needed.

Derek Young’s Bio Data

Pesonal Info

He is currently aged 24 years with 5 feet 11 inches tallness and weight of 205 lbs (20% body fat). He lives in Tyler Texas and he is personal trainer. His social media sites include You Tube, Instagram and BodySpace. At his 23rd year, with a height of 5 feet 11 inches, he had weighed 355 lbs and had a body fat of 50%.

Life Before Transformation

When he was growing up he used to eat anything he wanted and had a deteriorated diet health. He had then started gaining weight at 14 years and had a sequential increase in substantial appetite. Before the transformation he used to work with a security industry but had nothing worthy of a transformation. He felt he was failing at everything he ever did until that point. His source of happiness was solely derived from destroying some mountain of food all day long. The food he was taking per day was enough to feed four entire families. He lived to eat!

Surprise Moments Initiating Young’s Change

When he stepped on scale around 28th October of 2017, his weight reading 355 pounds initiated a heart-stop moments. His doctor had diagnosed him with acid reflux, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes and sleep apnea. With these diagnosis, he was informed that he was on the verge of death. He attempted to commit suicide being impatient with his sickness and tiresome. He thanked his escape of death to his weapon malfunction.

He had then put his gun back in the case and became the last time ever he had set his hands on it. For his own safety, he had to discard it through selling. He noticed that his transformation ought to start with his mind and knew that time was pointing on him to make that change.

His First Step

In his bid attempt to break the eating and weight gain cycle, he had made up his mind to attend the Food Addicts meeting. His first one on one meeting had them introducing and when his turn had arrived, he said his name and directly revealed his state of food addiction.   After introducing, there was a main speaker who gave an hour-long speech on how he overcame his abnormal habits and conquered. Young was surprised by the fact that no one could say the name of food but just describe. The speaker had said the food was round and spongy. That whole thing left Young struggling to restrain laughter. He meditated of what people and how many have been successful with that method. After that meeting he had seen no drive that would impact on him for a change.

As he felt vacant and hopeless on his way home, he just needed his hit so badly. He distinctively heard Taco Bell calling on his name. He then pulled into the drive-thru, braving off his racing heart. He struggled his thought of good and evil figuring whether he wanted his weight off or on. But, cars being behind him, he had no other way except get in. The speaker ushered him with an immediate oral platform ‘Welcome to Taco Bell. And what do I get you?’ Young hesitantly said he would take one beef quesarito mixed with potatoes in it, one Doritos Locos taco, and a two-pack of Cinnamon Delights. That marked a significant progress for me and that felt amazing.

Accomplishing His Goals

It was all diet related. Though, people may get shocked when told how little Young worked out. He only spent three hours a week working out. However, he firstly had to break the food addiction. And when the meetings hadn’t worked he figured out what would work by himself. He ate a meal per day most times and gotten a method to use – flexible dieting. This meant zero restrictions from certain food groups. His intake was always over 2,000 calories per day. He had also included multiple number of unrestricted cheat days throughout his journey.

He used to take pasta, chicken, and mixed vegetables. By the 27th October of 2018, he had slashed his weight to 205 pounds and had reduced from a 48 size jeans to a 34 size jeans. He had then felt so free.

Young’s Training Regimen

He used to do 3 workouts per week engaging the body. The workouts had involved 3 sets of 10 reps per exercise. Below is a basic template from where he would choose a different exercise for every category on every workout:

  • Horizontal press
  • Vertical pull
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Weak points
  • Horizontal pull
  • Vertical press
  • Squat, lunge, or leg press
  • Hinge exercise, hamstring dominant

Biggest Motivators

One of Young’s greatest motivations to losing the extra weight grew from helping inspire other individuals who used food as their drug. He had comforted them and made them aware that they were not alone in that battle and that they would probably find a way out. Secondly, he was tired of not being able to do stuff of the normal sized people like fitting in airplanes seat and walking without collapsing after a few minutes later. Thirdly, he was tired being lonely. By losing weight, he had significantly increased his confidence and had become more comfortable talking to people he met. And this had made it easy to make friends.

Biggest Challenge He Faced

There came to him mind games that constantly battled him into anxiety and depression, and had to deal with emotional and binge-eating challenges. He had thought that this mind game was damn near to impossibility after some years of diet experience. The nightly fast-food runs held him hostage for three damn years. It was an obsession if not addiction. He would do anything to get to the next hit.

How did Shredded Academy Help with your goals?

The training programs offered me massive help. The programs helped me keep me on track because they did the hard work for me (calculating my macros and building a proper routine for me)

Future Plans or Goals

His aim and mission in life has modelled to helping people who are overweight to defeat this battle of mind games and charge them for good health security. This, he does by providing them with assurance, guidance and accountability, and would be doing his best keeping them motivated.

A Piece Of Advice To The Overweights By Young

He says, even though you may feel trapped, you must know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Try to find people who can relate to you and who can keep your accountability even as they provide guidance. Don’t avoid seeking for help from a therapist, especially if you need to. If you weight is accompanied by depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, just know you are not alone. And don’t use food for the purpose of coping up with trauma – it is not a better solution to resort to. Young had eventually learnt that negative feelings would subside after some time and this helped him change his life. So he comforts saying, ‘yours too will pass’. It should not be a life sentence struggling with your mind and your body.

No excuse. Your testosterone need a frequent leg day!

You may be desiring to add your testosterone up the mark and your probable question goes this way; will working legs boost my testosterone? We will tackle that here. Just stay on…

Maybe you have all heard that you should not skip a leg day. Well, it has a meaning. Working legs is generally hated by many people, and among the few who chose to exploit it, they normally concentrate on their upper body. But note that you need some decent set of wheels. We may not be talking about a flash car but a solid set of hamstrings, calves and quads.

Then, what about testosterone? Our article maintains that working your legs out will aid you with a boosted level of testosterone. If you top it up with some booster, then it is just another level of getting better. Low levels of testosterone will take you to the wild edge struggling to get those unrealistic gains. This is where we may need a boost – the testosterone boosters.

Higher testosterone levels will help to;

  1. Grow your muscles faster by achieving the muscle growth of your desire.
  2. Increase your sex drive by making you good in the bedroom affair.
  3. Increase your strength by hitting hard in the gym at all times.

Having looked at the benefits of increased levels of testosterone, now let’s learn more about boosting the testosterone.

Highlight on Testosterone

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is just a part of a hormone group by the name steroid or androgen hormones. Mostly, it is thought of to be a male hormone, although women too produce it but to a much lesser extent. Majority of testosterone get produced in the sex organs with adrenal glands producing a small amount.

Its characteristics are dominant in men, but women too benefit from it. The characteristics we talk about here include lean muscle mass, facial hair and energy levels among others. But if females are reading this, then you should not worry about the visible beards growing on your chin any time soon. That characteristic take a certain level of testosterone to achieve the beard domination.

Have you found out what testosterone means for you? Then, you may be probably wondering how it specifically works. Let’s see:

How testosterone works

Testosterone mainly contributes to sex drive, muscle growth and even bone density. These are some of the very important functions of a human body. Therefore, higher levels of testosterone helps you improve your health overall and well-being. So, as you grow older, levels of testosterone will decrease naturally, a reason to why it’s important to optimize muscle mass development. And if the testosterone is very low, you will be struggling to build your muscles. Eventually, you will also be suffering from energy deficit and generally no sex drive.

If that does not provoke you to garner a high testosterone, then we have failed to know what is!

The major benefits of working legs

  1. Performing better in the gym

A leg routine performed once to twice per week allows you to perform better in your workout around the clock.  Worry less about that soreness associating the grueling leg workout – that’s quite natural. However, if you increase your protein and testosterone levels together, you will recover as fast as you are set for the next hard session.

  • Makes you achieve a better physique

Working legs is basic to building a well-rounded and proportional physique. You can make any kind of excuses but skipping a leg day will form you a physique that looks bulkier and ridiculous. I am sure you have one time glanced across the internet memes and images showing how exactly a disproportionate physique may look. For instance, they show a bit shredded 8 pack, some big biceps and an attention demanding sized chest yet have no solid set of wheels they match. It causes us to feel sorry for you because you just look stupid.

  • Increasing the testosterone levels

Studies prove that leg workouts increase testosterone levels. A better set of wheels aids you with an improved overall performance. This happens even as you work on the upper body. Now, what is your reason to skip a leg day?

Exercises That Boosts Your Testosterone More

  1. The Compound Movements

These are quite unique to aid your testosterone boosts. If you do not know them, what then do you do in the gym? You must be missing lifts. If you don’t know what compound movement is, then let me define them for you. They are exercises that involves use of multiple muscle groups that include squats, deadlifts and bench press. Because we are focusing on a leg workout here, try focusing on the first two as for now. Squats are good due to their ability to develop you a strong core and engages both your legs and glutes. They are very basic to bodybuilders’ exercise routines and you can make them yours too.

While, deadlifts also deliver a great result because they work both the legs and back. They are a next vital move in a bodybuilder’s arsenal which increases testosterone quite massively vis-à-vis isolation exercises.

  • Free Weights Versus Machines

In boosting your testosterone, free weights should be your best option. Machines might be great but free weights improves muscular imbalances. Get us right, machine for isolation exercises such as leg extensions and leg curls are great for muscle building but only good for supplementing and not replacing your free weight lifts.

Leg work to boost testosterone

Below is a workout that will see you through boosting your testosterone:

  • Perform a back squat of 3 sets for 5-8 reps
  • Do a Romanian Deadlift of 3 sets for 5-8 reps
  • Continue with a Bulgarian Split Squat of 3 sets for 8-12 reps
  • Perform a Lying Leg Curl of 3 sets for 8-12 reps
  • Do a Leg Extension of 3 sets for 8-12 reps
  • Finish with a Standing Calf Raise of 4 sets for 5-8 reps

Hit each rep with a full range of motion and make sure your form is proper. For rest periods stick to 1 to 3 minutes in between the exercises. But if you feel you want extra gains, you can decrease this if you are advanced. And in terms of frequency, it’s better you perform this workout for averagely 1 to 2 times per week. You will soon begin building great muscles in your legs provided you pay a special attention to your diet also.

Do I need a heavy lifting?

Of course yes. If you want to boost the level of your testosterone, then you probably looking out for a muscle building moment. Somehow, you can’t do that by lifting 2 lbs of dumbbells. Building muscles can be increased by ‘progressive overload’. This is a gradual increase of tension that is placed on the body muscles during an exercise training. You may need to lift heavily to experience a continual muscle growth. Also note that you need to pay attention to the form as already mentioned above and don’t move to too heavy very soon because you might succumb to injury. Remember this equation: No lifting = no gains.

How fast can you boost your testosterone?

Well, it depends. Each and every person has a unique body which and respond differently to training and nutrition. Plus, if you consider supplementing, then tentatively look at the ingredients included because some do contain ingredients of little benefit or none benefit.

How can I naturally boost my testosterone?

Exercising will generally allow you to increase your testosterone levels quite steadily. In your training routine, just include a solid leg workout. However, if you want to boost the levels of your testosterone naturally, then use testosterone boosters – they are a better option.


Therefore, regularly working out in the gym can get your testosterone boosted and can get you where you desire. Particularly, if you pay attention to your leg workout, you are likely to perform better. So, don’t miss a leg day bro! If you want to make an extra step, get the natural testosterone boosters. They aid you in quick muscle building, improving your mood and confidence.

Thus, remember this always, it will take a hard work and/or dedication also. In time, you will be able to reach the potential of your fitness goals. Keep consistency and let your testosterone level to keep high. All the best bro!

For summer seasons, it is always good to keep safe and just enjoy it. Summer is favorable for refreshment moments outdoors with family members or working out an admirable exercise and hitting the beach. Only people should also be alert of a warm weather. Based on the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) numerous studies, hyperthermia is a condition caused by extreme heat. Without a heat control system of the body, the temperatures of the body may rise up quickly and can get daring without a soonest medical attention. When you expose your body to extreme heat, it can also induce the preexisting conditions that includes heart and respiratory diseases. In their report, the CDC explains that there were about 8,081 deaths related to heat in the United States from 1999 until 2010. Seventy two per cent of death cases due to heat pointed majorly on exposure to heat as a primary cause.

Most at risk people to heat-related illnesses have been found to be infants, small children, and over 65 adults. Also, at risk are those patients who have diabetes, heart disease, are overweight and other pre-existing conditions. Among the list are also people drinking alcohol. These lack a better ability to cool themselves when they spend all day on heat and they can be highly risking developing heat exhaustion and/or stroke.

You may miss from the above description but don’t have a wrong thought that you can brave heat-related illness by your immunity system. Heatstroke and heat exhaustion can occur to anybody, and more so if you participate in any physical activity exposed in warm weather. Whether you hang around with your footballer friends as you toss a football back and forth, or may be hard training for a triathlon, just keep with you a hydrating habit and be safe.

Keep going through the article and learn what the signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke include and effective measures you ought to take when you and your friend suffers from this kind of heat-related illnesses.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is one serious illness of heat. It’s likely symptoms include fatigue, muscle cramps, headache, dizziness, fainting and nausea or vomiting. Additionally, even though the body gets overheated, a patient of heat exhaustion will several times have cool and moist skin.  This is positive since it means the body does still have ability to cool itself. The last symptoms of heat exhaustion also include a fast but weak pulse and a rapid but shallow breathing.

If you think of showing signs of heat exhaustion, stop all the physical activities with an immediate effect – suggests Mayo Clinic. Get yourself to a cool place and rest as you drink cool water or a rehydrating sports drink until all symptoms subside. If the symptoms persist for over an hour and you begin feeling dizzy or losing consciousness, immediately contact your doctor. And when your body temperature goes to above 104°F, get attended to by a medical doctor immediately.


This is a heat-related illness that is quite severe and unlike the other will require emergency treatment. Basing on the Mayo’s concerns, if this condition is left untreated, it can damage your heart, brain, muscles and kidneys altogether and lead to very serious effects of long-term or death.

Heatstroke symptoms are more the same as those of heat exhaustion such as fatigue, muscle cramps, and headaches among others. Basically before getting a heatstroke, you will get through a heat exhaustion first. Some clear cut symptoms that differentiate between heat exhaustion and heatstroke are a 104°F body temperature or a hot skin to the touch, slurred speech, fainting, increased dizziness and a flushed skin. Anybody suffering from heatstroke may at times get confused and irritated and also suffer from seizures, if not fallen into a coma. All these are serious conditions that may make you lack sleep.

If you know someone showing signs of the heatstroke, rush to your phone and call 911 immediately. As you wait for that medical help get the victim to the coolest location and remove any excess clothing he/she may be putting on and try as much as possible to cool them down. You can as well put the victim in a cool shower or tub and/or put ice packs on the person’s neck, head, groin and armpits.

7 Ways of Preventing Heat-Related Diseases

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the U.S. have established that the commonest deaths caused by weather in the U.S. involves heat exposure. And having said that, many ways exist to prevent this if you pay tribute to damn weather effects on your body. These ways include:

  1. Don’t sit in or leave children or pets in cars because cars heat up very fast. This ignorance is the commonest cause of heat-related fatalities in most children.
  2. Mind the hot times of the day. Don’t just jog 5 miles at 1:00 p.m. when it is terribly shining.
  3. If you will be active in the heat, get acclimatized to the new environment because majority of cases of heat-related illnesses are developed as a result of people working out in hot weather without allowing for their bodies to adjust to the new environment and climate.
  4. During the sudden heat waves get alert for those at higher risk of developing heat exhaustion or heatstroke.
  5. Always make sure you are adequately hydrated during physical activity.
  6. On a hot climate, or when working out, wear loose-fitting clothing that allows your body to cool nicely. The heavy and tight-fitting clothing will not allow you to cool off your body easily.
  7. Do use sunscreen and do apply for every 2 hours that you spend in direct sunlight. With sunburn, it comes very openly and visibly. Just make sure your body is a bit warmer than usual.

Remember to share this message and follow every step above to ensure the very happiest, safest, and most active summer.

I believe you may be a lifter. I also guess that deadlifts and bicep curls make most of your days and not the half marathons. Who has time for cardio anyway? Don’t you think it gonna chew your hard-earned muscle gain? Yes and no… it will only depend on how you do it.

So, does cardio burn muscle mass?

Though cardio is quite popular, one thing it never does is to burn muscles. And this is not in the sense of a regular boxing and/or running sessions. To say, ultra-marathons and extreme endurance sports move along their own leagues and uniqueness. And in fact, your habitual cardio might bless you with a dozen of pros if you are a lifter. For example, your insulin sensitivity will increase, you will have a nicer blood flow and may be you will have developed stamina as a result of enhanced endurance and performance.

  1. Better blood flow

Cardio increases the capillaries number of your body. This essentially means that you will be developing a more efficient blood flow system. And the effect of these extra capillaries are to facilitate a further transportation of nutrients and oxygen. This way, minerals will access more organs where they are needed for a main role.

In addition, cardio also improves recovery and DOMs simply by guiding blood to the needy and specific muscles. For example, you have just hopped off that finishing set of squats and are now engaged on some stretches. Then it turns out that it would have been better to take a steady walk on the cross-trainer firstly. If you have more power for your legs, your heart will have to make sure that it pumps the oxygenated blood to your legs. This pumped nutrient dense blood will aid your damaged muscles with a quick recovery, and result to less DOMs.

  • Increased performance

You always have to encounter and deal with increased performance. The cardiovascular training will equip you with efficiency and therefore you can better handle endurance activities and lead you to stamina boosts. With your aerobic and anaerobic base growing, you will also be improving the workload to muster.

Therefore, whenever you want to rep out on any long and deep sets, then you are able to handle it. If you lack this fitness base that’s built with cardio, then fifteen reps might be a quick and much of a burn. The same also applies to the anaerobic athletes who basically ought to recover in between bouts of extreme exertion, for example football players, CrossFit fanatics and boxers.

  • Lower insulin sensitivity

A slightly regular cardio is also associated with improvement in blood sugar. Recent research found that the physical activities (inclusive of cardio) helps to reduce the insulin resistance, the type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. And what does it mean for your muscles? It means improvement in insulin sensitivity which allows your body to process carbohydrates better.

In addition, improved insulin sensitivity aids your muscles in absorption of nutrients in much easier way. Therefore, your body can translate these improvements to count in for overall recovery, performance, and growth.

Is cardio a muscle builder?

Yes. It is very possible to build muscle with cardio – it’s legit. There are many studies out here to prove you this.

One conspicuous study published in the 2014 issue of Exercise Sports Science Review had Konopka et al verifying that they and others had demonstrated that aerobics exercise attributed to acute and chronical alteration of protein metabolism, and that induces hypertrophy of the skeletal muscle. Or, cardio influenced the size gains in short.

The researchers proved also that for an effective aerobic exercise, for purposes of muscle building, you will need to do a required effort. The growth magic number laid ranges between 70 and 80% – a high intensity. It gets obvious thinking about high-intensity and hypertrophy, right? Do you know any sprinter? Pay a look at his or her legs. They are jacked, right?

Cardio enhances muscle building

A Mid Sweden University research notes that striding out to the track may also attribute to your size gains. Their study had ten men of age range, 25-30, who went on a 5-week training protocol. With their objective being ‘to understand how cardio affected muscle growth’, these men did 45-minutes of cycling with a single leg before performing seven reps knee extensions. It was strictly the other leg used for knee extensions, and not the cycling leg.

Then, the research team took an MRI scan of each leg after it was all done, that is, the 5-week plan. They found out that both legs depicted an increase in size gains. However, the cycling leg had increased in volume by 14-17% while the non-cycling leg had only grown by 8-9%.

The official statement stated that the results had suggested that the increased aerobic capacity by AE+RE was associated with a more robust increase in muscle size as compared with RE, where RE meant resistance exercise – better gains.

Can you do too much cardio?

Before going and tanking on the treadmill for 3 straight hours, we will need to backtrack. Yes, you can do too much cardio and it’s easy to do it. Many people’s perception linger on more performance and the better you get. So, they will either keep performing further every session of an exercise or retire earlier to a dormant life and end regretting. Or they might also topple over to overuse and succumb to injury. One of the studies confirmed this through examining body composition of ultra-marathon runners after a race.

Impact of endurance races on muscle mass

One study found out that at the end of a certain controlled race, athletes had lost 50% of visceral body fat averagely. And on top of that, they had also reduced in the lean mass of their legs by 7%.

The RSI and Injury

Yet another muscle-wrecking risk accompanying cardio, injuries have dominated much athlete’s performance. The injuries are in form of repetitive strain injury (RSI) that commonly occur in joints (ones experiencing the excessive repetitive movement).

What about overtraining the cardio way?

Exerting too much of cardio into the mix makes your body be in a constant fight of recovery. Before it comes to a full circle, it will be back in the race to catch up with your every day’s run. Overtraining sabotages your gains severely. The signs that indicates an overtraining include strength loss, constant fatigue, lack of sleep, mass muscle loss, mood swings and maybe a tanked testosterone.

To what extent can you go with cardio without risks and yet gain muscles?

Cardio is greatly beneficial to you and your gains. You just need a better or smart approach. Toning down your cardio to 2 or 3 sessions per week can maintain your peak condition. Again, if you hop between training sessions going for 20 to 40 minutes, it is also more than enough. And one smart way to deal with this fear factor is by seeing cardio as something new. It will programming and planning of your workouts much easier.

Try setting different days for cardio and strength

It is very smart to set your cardio days different from strength days. For some aligning reasons, you will find most gym goers hitting the air-dyne bike either before or after their weight training days or sessions. However, this concurrent type of training is not always constructive. It should only be done by weight-losing athletes, and for short periods. The reason is because they run the risk of chronic interference, especially when the body is overloaded by the needs of cardio and resistance training.


If you go out amongst the gym goers and ask if cardio burns muscle, they will tell you it does. We are always in two camps of either a cardio crusade or a barbell brigade. However, one get stereotypically yoked while the other is supposedly weak and stringy. If both helps, why can’t we do both of them? Science acknowledges this, but why can’t we embrace it? Evidently, if we adopt a sensible amount of cardio, it is very efficient for our gains.

When it narrows down to muscular physiques it is always good to state them now and again. You will find out a man’s ripped is another man’s aesthetic. That muscular shape you think is swole may be jacked to us. Is it confusing? This will not be so to you skinny boy anymore. Below is a describing list of the four major types of muscular physiques. 

  1. Ripped Physique

One oldest sayings in the gym is that ripped is a common description that you may have heard of. If rocking a single digit body fat with a decent muscle, you may have been probably strapped with that title. You need some celebratory shots of pre-workout bro.

What does that mean anyway? Precisely according to bodybuilding historians, this has to do with veins and muscles that look like they will rip through the skin any time soon. And this is basically possible with very low body fat levels overlapping on a healthy lean muscle mass.

Simply, this guy is over-characterized with cool amounts of muscle. You may see him not being the biggest or strongest but one strong trait he probably has is un-fluffed but consistent etchings covering his body. Probably, he may not need an Instagram filter to cut his look in size.

You can see his abs under his shirt irrespective of their asymmetrical shape. But if you meet this kind of a guy across the streets packed on their clothing like no man’s business, you might get to prejudging him as a man with no taste. Somehow, his muscle mass is not impressive and there seems to be nothing attractive about the width of his shoulder. However his aim is not to outdo that big shouldered guy in their gym but to him, size is an additional spice to his look.

            Getting Ripped

You have to keep training protocols to have ripped muscles – that’s exactly what the ripped guys do. The training exercises may be team sports (e.g. football), functional bodyweight exercises (e.g. Calisthenics) and solo exercises like boxing.

Getting ripped may take fat to burn fat. Just let the fat be associated with a controlled high-protein calorie diet. Natural endomorphs, who pile on the pounds, can control calories easily, and this is quite essential. For a visual capture, give a thought of the physiques portrayed by famous people like Jason Statham, Ryan Reynolds, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruce Lee and may be Manny Pacquiao.

  • Swole Physique

Have you ever seen a man who having been blotted out of the sun had nothing but his traps? The exact kind of a man who will enter into the gym by his sides. That is the dude we are talking about to be ‘swole’. This term is taken from ‘swollen’ and will best describe a true bigger-than-life trait.  That is also the kind of a guy who fills in the room with piles of muscles spread across or that can make a gorilla to cowardice if he visits a zoo. If it would be those ancient times, this guy could have been crowned a Viking or warlord.

His swollen characteristic tagline probe a suggestion of swole has everything to do with size. He is very functionally fit like a jacked athlete and may not be ripped probably. There will be found nobody to doubt his outstanding frame of his hypertrophy and he may not remove that extra-large t-shirt to prove a point. Basically, his body is always dominated with a thick, dense, and a broad torso with wide legs as of tree trunks. He might also be a sort of a gigantic tall guy of over six-foot height. He is just a damn huge guy. If the world had erupt chaos about, you would better hope that he be your side team.

            Getting Swole

One main way to get swole is by lifting some good-weight iron. It may not be about hitting few sets at the YMCA 2 times a week bro. Rather, it is a serious dedication to lifting like yearly basis of heavy butt reps that break down muscle fibers and protein stacks just to rebuild them in a bigger better way. You have simply adopted this gym life – you were born for it.

Therefore, swole is crazily popular among the bodybuilding members and powerlifting maniacs. The swole guys hold their form with high regards above the hench, jacked or yoked guys. It’s like you are a god among men.

Get the picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Thor Bjornsson, Eddie Hall, Jay Cutler and Brock Lesnar and see swole. Try not to piss on your pants, bro.

  • Aesthetic

Aesthetic is like a pinnacle of all physique development. The aesthetic physique is developed basically for appealing – you want to look good bro. This is not about size, symmetry or definition alone but about finding that perfect balance of everything physique. Aesthetic means appreciation of beauty.

An aesthetic bodybuilder is both jacked and ripped. However, he does not look anything a functional athlete would be but more of a Greek stone-god. After all, the aim of this physique is to focus on visual and not the functional. You may not get him crushing WODs any sooner.

And while this aesthetic guy looks muscular on a fully clothed apparel, his narrow waist and wider shoulders might indicate jacked. On his shirtless feature, this guy is an above average man and have an in-depth definition. Again, this guy is a secret admirer of himself and his physique, so expect him not to be happy looking jacked.

            Getting Aesthetic

If you want to achieve that aesthetic look, you will have to narrow down to nutrition and specific training. Aesthetic bodybuilders get to craft their desired physiques by precise split routines. They solely focus on perfecting one part of their body at a time and on. Though they hardly give a damn thinking about general fitness. To adopt the aesthetic physique, it is suggested that you control your kilocals and keep them in check. Prioritizing protein as you cycle carbs ensures that low body fat never falters.

  • Jacked Physique

Between ripped and swole physiques lies a jacked physique. Getting jacked is not mid-affair but it is more of an intermediate physique goal. If a guy ever tells you that you look jacked, just knock their teeth off for free of charge. Why? Because it means you are stacked with a lean muscle mass. This guy is also positively, powerful, strong and very functional in his skull crushing potentials. You should be visually expecting this kind of a physique from a stereotypically-refined alpha-male. Additionally, they are rugged, healthy, but intimidating.

The giant Jacked-man exhibits a better than average body built and you can quite distinct that he does something much, much more challenging. This guy, even when he gets clothed fully, he will be cutting out protruding large trap, wide chest and broad shoulders. He is a kind of that most people define as huge or muscled and in-shape.

Jacked dudes have their bodies dominated with very less fats compared to an average male. However, his goal may not be to get ripped but to be strong and very athletic on his upper body majorly. Underneath his shirt is a concrete core that lacks a chisel definition of ripped-form.

Getting Jacked

One thing to always know is that Jacked dudes do build this sort of a physique through consistent power-based lifting or sports, for example, likes of Olympic fighting, functional fitness, CrossFit, fight sports, or particular football positions. Any resistance training will get you jacked and this is the reason it is the commonest physique for the active alphas. What to do? Recover adequately and eat a substantial amount of protein and maintain training consistency.

Take a glimpse of heroes’ physiques like of NFSL star Antonio Brown, the boxer Anthony Joshua, In Black Panther Film Michael B Jordan, and CrossFit champ Matt Fraser. Even though none of these people pass as swole or shredded, they still reflect that alpha-maleness specimen.

Defining the choice

Definitely, all the knowledge to instantly recognize the main four physiques are in the gym. You have observed the best of the muscle building bunch, you can chose from one. But, which one are you selecting for you?

Here we reveal what fast cardio is – both fictions and factual contents.

Fasted cardio is a common phrase around the gym on every now and then sessions of training. Does it really burn fats properly? What if you fast-track your goals for a weight loss?

Fasted cardio: Its definition

It was first brought to light in the 1990’s and involved training on an empty belly. Based on advocate’s views, this technique is quite superior if you want to lose fats compared to just working out while feedings. From its discovery, it has become so popular to both bodybuilders and the regular guys. However, nobody has the answer to the legitimacy of fasted cardio.

Effect of rowing or running on an empty stomach in relation to becoming leaner

To grasp the ‘how’ fact, we have to simplify it to the science of ‘why’ it should work. Below is the theory supporting the concept of fasted cardio workouts.

The Theory of Fasted Cardio

The two schools of thought according to fasted cardio are:

  1. Theory of depleted muscle glycogen
  2. Theory of lower levels of insulin

To understand why these are a great deal is easy too. But we are going to simplify them through a step by step approach.

  1. Theory of depleted muscle glycogen

This theory bases its concept on reduced muscle glycogen in the morning after sleep. The idea or fact here is that the energy stored in your muscles is typically lower after a sleep-full night of fasting.

Here’s the scene:

Get your picture heading out early in the morning for your normal run. You have not taken anything for breakfast except that strong black coffee pushing your run.  Maybe this is the doubled dosage for your willpower or for the approaching holiday. Now on your empty stomach run, you undoubtedly need energy, isn’t it? Therefore, your body must turn to fat stores to start fat breakdown for energy required during that 6 am jogging. Or, tell me another way you can hit with that 5K mark.

Expectedly, science answers this too for you, to your advantage. Follow the case study below;

Case Study: “Fundamentals of glycogen metabolism for coaches and athletes”

Though this kind of study make sense from a face value, it is unfortunately untrue. Most research done recently have revealed that the glycogen stores hardly alters overnight because one is usually inactive while sleeping. Therefore, muscles holds still on to the energy. A human’s physique isn’t some kind of a leaking tap.

The facts is this; on your wake up and lacing your shoes up, you still have some spare fuel in your legs, and especially if you had eaten adequately in your previous day.

Basing facts here are that muscle stores glucose from carbohydrates as glycogen and therefore levels of glycogen stored does not get altered much at rest.

Conclusion here is that after sleep you may not be having an empty glycogen store as you may think. These makes this theory kind of redundant.

  • Theory of lower levels of insulin

Upon eating your morning oats, your body will definitely release insulin. Insulin is a hormone allowing sugars in the body to be converted to energy. It also aids in the storage process of unused glucose for energy in form of glycogen.

However, the fans of fast cardio seems to be expressing concern about insulin produced. Its tendency to inhibit lipolysis is the reason behind their concern even with its efficiency of utilizing sugars. Lipolysis is the process where triglycerides are broken down in metabolic reactions into free fatty acids used for fat oxidation. Because of insulin presence in your blood at higher amounts, it’s necessary to prioritize carbs over fats when choosing a first-hand energy producer.

Theoretically therefore, accelerating fat burning process through fasted cardio is very proper. If you train with a lowest levels of insulin, you will have more fats burnt to produce fuel during that workout session.

A Case Study: “Influence of glucose ingestion on fuel-hormone response during prolonged exercise.”

A study done in 1976 seemed to confirm this theory. In the study, they had 2 groups classification of healthy individuals who performed steadily on a four-hour cardio session. Steady meant approximate intensity percentage of 30 – not session of HIIT.

Testing their theory, researchers provided the first group with 200g of glucose for 90 minutes gym session. They then compared their metabolic findings with the metabolic results obtained from control group (which was their second).

Not long after, they found that the glucose boost had swung up the metabolism of the glucose-provided group. On the other hand, the control group hadn’t experienced that change but showed fat leaning for their fuelling. Does it mean that fasted cardio had worked effectively to lose fats? Well, somehow it did, but for a specific session this group was involved in this test. Why of this is following;

Basing facts are that glucose group had prioritized carbs for fueling while control group turned to fats for fueling. The study therefore concluded that fasted cardio see a low level of insulin which in turn prioritizes the burning of fats for fuel during that session of training.

Does fasted cardio help to lose fats quickly?

Both trainers and scientists and trainers agree that fasted cardio energize the body by prioritizing fats. The evidence of this fact is aligned in the following studies, so nobody can simply repute it. But, does cardio fasting make your fat losing process faster? And this where black blend white to become grey.

Though, some arguments maintain it that fasted cardio is not the best technique for fat loss. But both fed and fasted cardio exhibit their benefits.

A Case Study: “Does Cardio After an Overnight Fast Maximize Fat Loss?”

In this study done in 2017, the researcher by name Brad Schoenfeld found out that fasted cardio is no more effective compared to fed-cardio as far as losing fat is concerned. A very vital aspect he charged through is that we need to work out fat loss as a long time game. So, rather than focusing on a single session, results should be mapped over time. Further, evitable body composition changes will not occur overnight.

In the paper, he noted that ones who exercised in a glucose fed cardio burned even more fats for post-workout energy than the fasted cardio group. It can effectively balance out the heightened oxidation of fats which occurs in times of fasted cardio.

Another basic put forward by Schoenfeld is that food tends to increase the thermic effect of any exercise. He cited from a study that had found out that those who gulped a glucose-milk drink prior to training realized a higher level of EPOC, and especially after their session. In simple terms, they burned more calories after finishing their workout.

The main facts here are that fed cardio group had increased fat burning process and the group had produced a higher EPOC than the fasted cardio. Finally, it should be noted that fat losing is not a single session mission but a long time process.

The study concluded that fasted cardio is not good for losing fats, and it can further off-set the advantages of fed exercise.

Another factor to consider in fasted cardio is the cardio type

Best Cardio Fasting Type: which would you use?

If it is about burning calories and melting down fats, different types of cardio are meant for a different process and method. It might look the same to the untrained eye but intensity matters actually. Researchers have established that HIIT cardio is the best cardio every time – it beats even the newly invented ones. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is both time-efficient and a killer of calorie wiping. HIIT is superior for a long term fat loss. The intensity does revitalize an in-session calorie burning which promotes higher EPOC rates. Additionally, HIIT is usually more efficient with time.

Research indicates HIIT trains your muscles to utilize as less carbs as possible during the exercise. In effect, you will be a fat oxidation pro in the long run.

Can you steady state stuff?


Final Word

Both fed cardio and fasted one tend to balance out another. However, there are equal advantages and disadvantages even though studies conducted miss much on definition because of their shorter frames or small group tests for which they get tested.

What is next?

Decide from your personal preference what to choose. It’s all about what you feel for cardio fasting. But, fat loss should be screened over a number of days or weeks and not a single day or session thing. Therefore, if you can get yourself a type of cardio efficient for your management, then you better get down with it. A better one is that one which works best for you to make you keep going the fat loss way.

Written By: Rafay Naeem, Master Trainer at Shredded Academy

You want great muscles in the shortest time possible? You desire much from the superset workout?

Let me assert this truth here. Superset is the best method of activating all the muscle groups. However, a lot of confusion is involved with this method.

Here is the good news though:

I am set to answer all your questions and concerns you have as long as superset is concerned. Basically, you need to know some significant things here. So, read on and get your answers about superset subject.

Defining Superset

However simple the definition of superset may be, most people seem unable to come up with its proper definition. But supersets, simply, are a combination of two different exercises that are performed consecutively without rest between their sets.

Superset is perfect for cutting your time for workout into two. One most important benefit of a superset is the burning of more calories as compared to a regular workout. However, a common belief of among the gym-goers is that combining exercises is not proper. A very big misconception indeed! Apart from those people whose aim is to simply sweat and jet out of the gym with no result or progress, the ones with higher goals ought to workout properly with a combination of exercises that efficiently fulfils an all-round purpose of a training. In brief, have a superset that is properly designed.

Let me try to simplify my explanation in the below formula.

Proper combination of exercises = effective and more fat burning, accelerated muscle building, boosted performance.

Improper combination of exercises = pain, injury, ineffective workout

A properly combined superset is the most suitable and flexible workout for all fitness goals. If you want to cut on body fats by burning extra fats or want to build muscle, superset befits them all. 

Types of Supersets

You are wrong if you think that superset has only one way it employs. Rather, they are of different types. They are all applied depending on a person’s goal and/or personal preferences. You can target different muscle groups or same groups by your performance. Below are types and benefits of supersets:

  1. Compound Supersets

These kind involves two exercises that impact on the same muscle groups. For example, a proper compound superset targeting your biceps is achieved by combining cable curls and dumbbell curls. Compound superset training aims at adding an overall volume to the muscle group.

  • Antagonist Supersets

These kind of superset applies two exercises that target opposing muscle groups. For example, back and chest muscles or triceps and biceps. Briefly, this is the best way to build up two opposing muscles. Antagonist superset exercise saves on time much and is equally effective on muscle building and maintenance at the joint.

  • Different Muscles

This kind of superset selects a combination of exercises that works on completely different muscle groups. For example, the legs and back. For clarity, this superset does not target either antagonist or compound groups, but targets different muscle groups altogether.

Now note this important fact…

Having read the above information, you are more than ready to go. But if your decision is to give it a try, I alert you to avoid below mistakes.

  1. Failure to rest when your body demands it

This is known to you. Supersets are always done without rest in between. But, if you are doing supersets for the first time, you may need to add time on your resting period. You ought to give both muscles and body enough time they need to ‘catch up’ the energy they need to complete the superset training successfully.

  • Doing superset with same weight as of regular workout

Don’t perform supersets with the weight you usually use while doing your regular workouts. If you normally lift heavier weights like between 120 and 125, then you need to reduce the weight to between 95 and 100 pounds.

  • Chaotic Exercise Order

Working out in the gym without a plan is lethal. Don’t apply everything you think about in the gym in the name of exercise if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your workout and stay uninjured.

The standing out benefits of supersets

A superset’s role is to improve the capacity of your muscle endurance and power. It is also a better way for building muscle mass in the shortest time possible. Further, doing supersets impacts greatly impact on metabolic boosts. 

Get the bottom line of this article here

If you had no clue about superset, now you undoubtedly have. You better be smart enough when it comes to choosing your combinations of superset exercises. Choosing a right one will offer a wonderful and much faster goal achievement as compared to an improper one. Supersets are of great beneficial in improving your muscle endurance, fat burning and reducing your workout time by half. Therefore, there remains no stone unturned for your need to incorporate this kind of training into your routine workout. Get better by a step further!


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There are 4 major things that if you will do, they will surprise you with an extra-weight waist cut before landing onto that summer period.

What amount would you lose?

It will depend on you. Meaning, amount of fat you harbor in your body now is screened and determines your need to lose – more of it means a higher need to shed off some.

But even on a less body fat amount, you are still bound to excellent results on approaching the weight loss on the golden 4. So, let’s give them a look.

  1. Exchange the high-calorie food content with the low-calorie options

You can always begin with this before any other method, especially if others might prove hard to start or cope with. If you drink or eat a high-calorie drink or food daily, exchange it for something downing the caloric content. The low-calorie foods or drinks that you have used to substitute the high calorie ones may be made tastier too – if taste is why you go for high calorie foods.

It is surprising what amount of weight you can cut by substituting one drink or food of higher calories with another of low calories. As an example, one guy that I know had cut 20lbs in a period of over three months by substituting Dr. Pepper with the green tea. And another guy also that I know had cut about 100 lbs between a year’s course by applying the same method. They had a habit of drinking a multiple number of soda in a day, and their weight was way worse as they continued. However, they did not have to change their workout routines to realize the substantial weight loss – indeed splendid! Exchanging high calorie food or drink with a low-calorie diet are there for a solution.

  • Tracking what you eat is very vital

You already know that if you will cut on you darn fats then you will have excel the calorie burning process past the amount you permit into your body. Essentially, tracking what you are eating makes it quite easy to know how much amount and to what extent do you burn calories.

However, you can do this through different methods. One, and with greatest accuracy besides being my favorite, is by use of an app – food tracking app. “My Fitness Pal” app is free and it works in an easy way simply by typing in whatever you ate and amount of it. It will respond by tracking a precise calories amount you take on the day. This app, is inbuilt with every kind of food you may be thinking of, not putting aside ones from restaurants and hotels. Its greatest advantage is the short time you take to feed in your data. It will take you about 1 or 2 minutes to feed in your meal.

After knowing how many calories you delve on daily, then you will as well have a better plan on how many calories you should eating to reduce that weight bothering you. As an example, 2500 calories/day should be dropped to 2300 calories/day. As the time goes by, you will be slightly reducing the calories by 100 to 200 per week until you begin experiencing some weight loss.

  • Tracking your workouts while increasing calorie burning

There are points where you cannot go on descending your calorie intake or you may end up starved having nothing consumed at all. But what you need is an increase in the caloric total you burn within a week. Tracking your workouts will enhance the efficiency of calorie burning. For instance, the more reps, sets, and weight lifted each week will indicate the total amount of calories your body will burn. Other ways of tracking your workouts may also be applied. Try using free apps and note points from the approaches applied that matches your aims.

I prefer using Google Sheets even though it’s not fancy. It is just the same thing as an Excel spreadsheet. Have your app from the Google’s free online version. I use app to track all my exercises, sets, reps and weights and this way, I am sure of my progresses every week. If you want to make a move tracking your workouts, just start it. Don’t mind of what method that may be fit for you.

Then make some substantial progress on your exercises every week such as adding an extra rep or topping up your weightlift with 5 lbs weight. This is so adequate to burn you a great number of calories every week.

  • Exchange the low-calories burning exercises with high-calories burning Exercises

What does your current work routine read? Is it including some isolation exercises such as DB lateral raises, leg extension or bicep curls?

You need to note that exercises working only a muscle at a time may not burn many calories compared to compound exercises which engages multiple muscles at a time. Though, we are not saying there is something wrong with isolation exercises, especially if you want to build a particular muscle more than others. But for burning calories goals, you have to apply compound exercises for an effective weight loss. So, better exchange the leg curls and extension exercises. Exchange even the DB curls for chin-ups and the lateral raises. Are you not sure about exchanging a kind of isolation exercise you think is unique?

Have your body at its best this Summer!

Are you aspiring to get stronger? Then there are five facts you need to note down for a maximum strength gain.

  1. Range of Rep

Are you on a 1 to 5 rep range? If you are not, then you are not better positioned for strength gain. A number of people attempt 5 sets but few get to lower rep range eventually. Don’t get scared of doing a set of 1 for example, with 95% of 1 rep max. Even when you don’t achieve strength mission at once, the fact is that you are becoming better on your weightlifting performance. It also means that if you maximize your lifts, it will be even much easier for you to lift much heavier loads.

  • Volume

One most vital element of strength training is volume. The total amount of weight, sets and reps you use on a daily or weekly or monthly basis is referred to as volume. An increase in the volume corresponds directly to a consistent improvement of strength.

  • Selection of Exercise

Barbells are basically better than dumbbells and machines when it comes to strength gains. But, there are few exercises exempted, that is, if your main goal is strength.  However, use of barbells reaps big for majority of exercises in your workouts. Generally, it’s easier to add weight on a barbell than it is with a machine or a dumbbell. In about time, your strength gets to grow better and faster as you continue gauging barbell lifts.

  • Periods of Rest

For fast recovery of your body from a heavy lift, a 3 to 5 minute rest between sets will be a requirement. If your time permits it not, you can then at least try shorter periods of rest. However, you would be quickly deteriorating in your strength between the sets.

The importance of rest periods is to enhance your total volume for every workout. If you gauge longer rest periods in between the sets, you will be able to handle or lift more total weight per set. Eventually, you will record more progress on your strength gain feature every week.

  • Specificity

Using a specific lift to gain more strength? Then, keep this practice as often as possible. Don’t shy off from multiple lift exercises per week. This is a way-bridge of excellence towards improving your strength. With weightlifting exercises too, as you practice more, you get far better.

Having known these basics to strength development, you may be in dire need to engage your workout. We have designed a 4-day workout which can take you through a consistent strength gaining session. They include major lifts such as bench press, deadlifts and squats.

The news has confirmed that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not going to press charges against an ill-intentioned attacker who dropped him down with a kick the previous weekend he went to South Africa (Johannesburg) to attend the Arnold Classic Africa function. Arnold is a famous bodybuilder regarded as a legend, a star of action-packed films and a politician (has been a senator).

Arnold had made a decision to drop the showdown barely. He otherwise projected that pressing charges was propelling fame towards his attacker instead. Whether genuine or not, he claimed to have moved on. This happened after a scenario where this iconic athlete got kicked on an event that he owns. Surprisingly enough, he had never known of the intentional kick until he saw the video doing rounds. Previously, he thought that he was merely bumped on to by the pressing crowd only to turn out to be an intentional assault on him.

He later posted on tweeter that there was nothing to worry about, thanking his followers for his concerns. He mentioned what he thought the go down to be, ‘I thought I was jostled by the crowd which happens a lot’, he wrote. He had only noticed it to be a kick after seeing the video as was seen publicly. He was rather glad the ‘idiot’ hadn’t interrupted his Snapchat.

Arnold said he was just happy his Snapchat was not interfered with as he made light of the incidence. He further suggested to his followers to pick a blurred video without what the attacker yelled out, if they had to share it. He wanted zero cases of making the attacker on spotlight and so, he told his followers to block or charge.

The viral video

The kicker featured kicking the pioneer of bodybuilding was vastly seen from a video clip that went viral on the social media. Arnold was included in the mass sharing of the clip even though it was blurred and a version of low-quality.

He further highlighted that there are 90 sports at the @ArnoldSports in South Africa from where came 24,000 all-aged athletes with abilities. These athletes also inspire all of them to get off the couch, he said, so it would be good to put that spotlight on to them.

In that video, one can spot the attacker springing off his both feet towards the Austrian Oak. He was taking pictures and event filming. With the landing kick, Arnold was tossed forward into the small crowd in front of him while the attacker falling to the ground. Then, a security guard quickly got onto a sprawl wrestling the attacker from scene outside. The crowd, just like Arnold had shown confusion on what transpired in the short minute scene, while the attacker disappeared off away from the shot.

Not Pressing Charges

Arnold took it to twitter after the attack and explained his bit of the occurrence. He calmed his fury from pressing charges and giving the man a spotlight he did not deserve. However, he rather indicated to his over 4 million followers to concentrate on the athletes of the event – whom he called heroes. In a tweet he said, he would rather focus on the thousands of great athletes he met at @ArnoldSports Africa.

He requested for his followers favor that they watch some upcoming athletes who proved that fitness was for everyone who deserved to be famous instead of sharing the video of his attacker – who did nothing except sought for an undeserved fame. He added his Snapchat where upcoming heroes would be watched:

An upcoming hero demonstrating his potentials in the fitness club

Despite the nasty occurrence on that function, Arnold Schwarzenegger succeeded keeping his attention on to the event’s athletes – the real stars of the moment.