Today we’re gonna tell you an amazing story about a guy who carries an artificial heart in his backpack. Yes, exactly, you got it right! Just imagine, his heart doesn’t beat like everyone else’s. He even hasn’t got a pulse. His life is supported only by a special machine that pumps blood through his veins. Moreover, this guy is now in perfect shape. He constantly trains and can beat many other athletes. Of course you can’t wait to find out who he is and how his artificial heart works.

Andrew Jones, from Conneticut, first became unwell in 2012 after struggling to breathe during a run. He was horrified when two years later he started to cough up blood and developed a high fever.

In hospital, doctors diagnosed the 26-year-old with cardiomyopathy – a hereditary disease of the heart muscle – and soon he became so weak he couldn’t stand, walk or dress himself. A few months later, medics told if he didn’t have a transplant immediately he would die. As there were no organs available, he was fitted with a pacemaker and an artificial heart – which he now carries around in a bag on his back.

Despite his brush with death, he is now back to the gym and said he cries after workouts as he feels so ‘thankful to be alive’.

Iron man was never real, until Andrew Jones came along. His heart runs on electricity, stored in the form of a battery, in place of a beating heart.

He awaits a donor for a new heart made of bone and flesh but until then he runs on the chemical reactions in a battery caused most likely by the build up of electrons within it. To be more specific it is known as an electrochemical reaction, the process discovered by Italian physicist Count Alessandro Volta in 1799 when he created a simple battery from metal plates and paper. Iteration upon iteration and the battery began to power everything around us, now it imitates a beating heart, maybe one day it powers our emotions too.

Imagine the pumps then, the hypertrophy, the gains from a heart made of steel.

In the meantime, Andrew Jones does not let his artificial heart hold him back.

Like a silent monster of an electric vehicle, one made by Porsche, or BMW, he is silent, he literally has no pulse. When he plugs in his phone at night, along with it he plugs in the batteries to his heart, they too need charging.

Imagine waking up and your heart is out of battery? No good. So he makes sure he always has a spare just in case.

Video: “I’m the best looking zombie you’ll ever see”

Recalling suffering from heart failure, Mr Jones said: ‘It’s something I would never want to wish upon my worst enemy.

‘You can’t breathe, you can’t think, you don’t eat and you don’t sleep. He continued: ‘Living with this disease put me in a pattern with depression and physical pain. ‘I had to stop working because I wouldn’t be able to stand for more than 10 minutes. ‘I dreaded going to the kitchen because that meant that I had to go up and down my stairs.

‘I couldn’t even get dressed without panting and gasping for air – my life was falling apart and I just wanted relief.’

As hard as the process has been for him he has realized that at least for now this is his reality and he will make the best of it. The lesson we take from Andrew Jones is that when life takes you down and breaks your heart, don’t just come back. Come back stronger.

If you’re into body-building then chances are you’re very familiar with THE Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Ahhhnold” started his weightlifting journey as a 15-year-old kid in his native home of Austria, and went on to become one of the most successful body-builders of all-time.

At the young age of 20, Arnold won the title of “Mr. Universe”, and followed that up with becoming a 7-time “Mr. Olympia” champion.

Aside from being the sport’s most charismatic ambassador, Schwarzenegger became a huge figure in popular culture, starring in films like “The Terminator”, “Predator”, and “Total Recall” to name a few.

After getting tired of show business, Arnold got into politics, and in 2003 he became the governor of the state of California. He held that office from 2003 to 2011, and following the end of his second term, he returned to the big screen.

While many people would like to think that Arnie is just a meathead, the fact is the guy is an incredibly smart businessman, making millions of dollars through his investments in ventures ranging from restaurants to malls, to becoming a significant owner in an investment firm.

He credits people like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet for teaching him how to manage his money, and using it to create wealth:

“I couldn’t have learned about business without a parade of teachers guiding me… from Milton Friedman to Donald Trump… and now, Les Wexner and Warren Buffett. I even learned a thing or two from Planet Hollywood, such as when to get out! And I did!”

While he may come off as a serious person, anyone who meets him knows that Arnold is a big softy with an amazing sense of humor.

This was on full display as “The Terminator” pranked fans at a wax museum where he took the place of his statue for a day. Obviously, hilarity ensued.


Dwayne Johnson is no stranger to being injured and today we find out exactly how he reacts when he’s given a sudden dose of pain.

As he was walking by some furniture he slammed his leg on a large piece of metal that was sticking out. The crazy thing is he hit this metal so hard that it left a large chunk of skin behind stuck right to it.

This left a huge cut on the side of his leg that looked very painful.

Source: Instagram screen capture.

Instead of screaming in agony, this is what he does…. he posts to Instagram and says:

Ain’t got time to bleed. Fun pain walkin’ full speed into a sharp corner cuttin’ you so good it gets split & peeled back to the tasty white meat.

It’s not regular pain, it’s “fun pain”. Haha! Here’s the full video.

I guess the best thing to do is just laugh at your pain and keep going!