The Best of Carbs in Muscle Building

Dating to the past, most athletes were on a low-carb diet. It was only bodybuilders who were known to be looking for mass size, and with as leaner muscles as possible. Their minds had been dominated by the lean protein diet with just a little fats and some broccoli. So, why carbs for muscle building? How are they important for this? Let’s find out…

Low-carb diet is popular until now to the physique population.  Researchers have multiple times suggested it as a better way burning fats and help you be ripped much faster. What about carbs for the muscle? Low-carb will only make you lose fats to some extent but does not advocate much for muscle building. Today, we review many of the old-school guys system and how they pulled back from their potential to gain muscles.

Importance of carbs for muscle building

  1. Carbs works to spare proteins

A protein sparing role of carbs is a great property of carbohydrates. Besides tasting good, they can also protect your body physique. When you ingest carbs you are likely to experience one or two things happening to your body. Prior to exercise, carbs in form of blood sugars will enable metabolism to fuel the session by energy produced. If you are not training, the sugars will be stored in the glycogen and muscles in form of glycogen. When you work out within one or two hour time, your body is likely to transform the glycogen again back to glucose for energy.

Without carbs in the tank…

What if you have none of these sugars? Your body might resort to muscle metabolism, if you also have none of fats to burn. And this can be a very bad news if you are aiming at size gains. You definitely will metabolize your existing muscles for energy instead of growing extra muscle. With an abundance protein quantity, it can as well supply you with energy but it won’t add up on your back muscles.

Always, the body needs all energy it can secure for recovery after exercise. And if you are not smart enough, you might end up losing the long-time hard-earned muscles. This happens when you specifically work out before sleeping or when you are fasted.

The remedy? Spare not your carbs, great man!

  • Energy for training

Carbohydrates avails a lot than what we perceive of them. For instance, they are our body’s preferred and main source of energy. Despite the availability of fats and proteins, our bodies will handily choose carbs for its energy as a priority. Athletes do not derive adequate energy from a low-carb diet and so, it should not be their designed plan. Those involved in high-intensity training are especially recommended to avoid low-carb diets because they might fail in strength workout or hypertrophy.

Therefore, hitting a session with low sugar can get you drained and tired during your first set. You ought to stock up your muscles with glycogen to get you going. By carbs providing you with the energy to train, they will enable you to build muscles. They energize you to work harder and force the microcellular damage. Essentially, more muscle tears you create will allow for more room for growth.

  • Synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates

Protein synthesis is a biological process of new proteins generation by the cells. It usually get balanced out by protein degradation which occurs when the body metabolizes protein cells. In simple terms, this is the formation of new protein structures. They then get used for rebuilding and repairing the damaged muscles. If it does not occur, the torn muscle fibers cannot at all be repaired. And the end of this deficiency is loss of lean muscles.

Every scientist knows and will mention that protein ingestion for a post-workout will improve protein synthesis. Taking a rich protein meal after training (30 minutes to 2 hours) gets the best muscle development results.

And then comes in carbohydrates;

Some research establish that carbs facilitates the protein synthesis process, which one of the basic reasons to why we should include simple sugars in a post-workout nutrition meal. This process involves the body through insulin secretion after detecting carbs in the blood circulation system. This then pushes amino acids into the muscle to quicken the regeneration of protein.

For carbs, the sooner you get to them then the better. To give it a try, snack on a simpler carb with low glycemic index after training.

  • Carbs promote a fast and better recovery

A close reason for muscle gains is that it promotes a better recovery. Known to all of you, after an intense workout in the gym, R&R will retrieve us a difference. After immediately finishing the training, the body begins craving in order to refill the glycogen stores. Here, the scientists assert that the quicker you get sugars back to your system, the better. Carbs can then enhance protein synthesis and get growth of muscle fibers to be better, stronger and bigger.

  •  Better sleep

A better sleep aids muscle development. It is definitely true – sleep is an essential part of becoming bulk. When asleep, your body is at its utmost anabolic state. Most body developments occur when one is sleeping. For instance, muscle repair and growth are at its peak. This is also when growth hormone is basically released. Healthy sleep influences the levels of testosterone.

Carbohydrates serves this purpose by firstly getting you to sleep faster. It means that you reach your optimal resting state once you get an adequate carb portion.  Falling asleep faster will get your to utmost anabolism quicker. Carbs can also enhance the quality of your sleep. Most studies link high-carbs diets in men with an improved REM sleep and will eventually make you refreshed.

As optimized sleep improves muscle growth and testosterone, it will also associate high energy too.

  • Carbs eliminate the colds and keep you in the game for an extra time

An interesting part of carbs is that of boosting recovery by empowering the immune system. We know that an intense exercise might get one sick or ill, right? In simple terms, the intense exercise will suppress immune system in recovery times. If you are going to do it now and again, you are bound to be struck with a common cold. It can be a common cold or some other kind of exercises.

‘There is a study that shows how carbs can free us from sicknesses for longer. The main reason to this is because carbs tend to alleviate immune-depression caused by exercise.’

If you want to grow muscles, you better train. And to keep off illness for longer, carbs does add an indirect help to muscle building.

When is the appropriate time to build muscles?

For an effective recovery, give a fast-acting sugar a shot within one hour or two after the training. Simpler forms of carbs here include dextrose, table sugar and gels. These can be taken almost immediately. The categories of rice are both easier on stomach and have a higher glycemic index which can be metabolized faster. If you like feasting and filling up before a session, try the complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato, brown rice, and oatmeal 2 hours earlier before joining in the training. This will allow a slow release.

Want a quick boost?

Try ramping your blood sugars up by snacking on high-GI. Here, energy bars, sports drinks, and gels form easy options. Fruits such as pineapple also act faster but can be best 30 minutes before hitting the gym. Other great pre-workout fruits may include apples, dates, and banana. Note that simple sugars get digested much more quickly as complex carbs are slowly digested. If you work out on your timings, then you are ready for an achievement.


If it comes to muscle building, don’t underestimate the role of carbohydrates. Carbs, despite being nature, it is a way of supplying energy to our muscles for work. No other essential macronutrients can beat carbs in power supply. If you fill your muscles with glycogen, it can eventually improve your work volume to a greater level.

So, what next? What is there to wait for? We are advocating for a carbohydrate moment – a way of kicking out dietary fears and embracing a muscle-initiated carb. Carbs are a proven reality to your muscles ever wanted performance and development. Building muscles is way better with carbs!