Many of the popular core exercises concentrate on “anti” workout stability training: anti-lateral flexion, anti-rotation,  and anti-extension. The “anti-press” works all those sections altogether.

So, how to do the anti-press? It is actually very simple. You just need to follow some specific routines.

Take ahold of the handle of a suspension strap such as the TRX and face sideways. Incline to create about a 60% angle with the floor.

Now strengthen your core to prevent from twisting and press straight out till your arms are completely stretched. This section of the movement is comparable to a Pallof press you might do with cables or bands working anti-rotation.

From where you are, bring your arms straight above and rest for a short second. Now, you’re concentrating on anti-extension and anti-lateral flexion. Repeat everything for the wanted reps.

Not only that this exercise is great for core balance, but it also aids with shoulder muscle and mobility.

Progress and Regress

It’s simple to progress or regress the workout just by modifying your foot posture and the expansion of the strap. The farther out your feet are from the anchor location and the smaller the strap is and the easier it will be. Transfer your feet more under the anchor point and extend the range of the strap as you get more powerful.

This is a very difficult workout, so you may need to begin with only the overhead part.


How to Do the Anti-Press for Real Core Strength