Meeting your daily nutritional requirements can be a difficult task especially if you are low on cash. Luckily, putting together a nutritional and healthy diet is possible. If you devise a well-articulated plan you will be able to achieve a cheap well-rounded diet.

Whether you have a low-income advancement with little money to hold on, there are many ways to save and ensure you have a nutritional bodybuilding meal. This post will detail cheap foods that you can comfortably add to your nutritional plan.

This post will be broken into 3 categories going through cheap sources of food from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We’ll detail each and compare with a brief description.

( Due to differences in terms of shopping area and country the prices won’t be included)

So let’s get started……

Cheap Bodybuilding Diet Foods

Cheap Sources of Protein


Rice is cheap and affordable food. Its supports over half of the world’s population. Rice has some little amount of protein in addition to being a carbohydrate. 100 gm of rice provides about 140 calories most of which come from carbs.

It is a matter of choice and preference when it comes to choosing between brown and white rice. White rice is the most common and the cheapest of the two. Brown rice, on the other hand, has a high concentration of minerals and vitamins. The choice is yours!!!!


A cheap affordable bodybuilding food that can be bought in large sacks at a low price. Its a staple food for most people.

A typical average potato can provide about 40 grams of carbs, 4 grams of protein and 5 grams of additional fibre. Potatoes is an ideal cheap bodybuilding food and has no fats.

Additionally, potatoes are rich in potassium which lacks in most Western diets.

Whole Wheat Bread

2 slices of a normal whole wheat bread provide about 40 gm of carbs, 8 gm of fibre and 6 gm of protein. This may vary depending on the brand and the nutritional content.

With a relatively small budget, you’ve got a cheap and easily available source of carbs. Whole wheat bread additionally can be used on different kinds of meals and almost at any time. After all its only bread.

Sources of Protein


Eggs have one of the largest concentrations of protein. It provides over 6 gm of protein per egg and about 4g gm of fat. Eggs are also highly rich in micro-nutrients comprising of choline, lutein and vitamin A, D, E.

If you fancy less fat concentrations in your eggs switch to white eggs. They have high protein concentrations and no fats. Additionally, they are cheap and in bulk in your local market.


Newborn babies require milk for progressive growth and immunity. Bodybuilders are no exception too. It’s a cheap and readily available source of protein. A standard glass of milk contains about 8 gm of protein.

For people seeking to check the fat content, skim or low-fat milk is a wise choice. For people eager to bulk their bodies and have difficulties maintaining all calories together, whole milk is the most prudent choice.

Have a glass or two days to help fix your protein deficiency. Milk works as a quick shot of energy.


It’s one of the cheapest sources of protein and meat in most countries. It’s highly recommended for bodybuilders. A 100 gm serving typically provides about 25 gm of protein. The fat content is kept at bay hence all the fuss about its advocacy.

In addition to being a cheap and high source of protein, chicken can be used in different servings. The protein source can be paired with carb sources like potatoes and rice. salads, pasta and sandwiches also get along well with chicken.

Whey Protein

Protein powder for most bodybuilders seems a quite expensive protein source. It’s actually one of the cheapest protein sources if chosen wisely. It can actually be a budget saver compared to most sources of protein available.

For a cheap and highly nutritious plan, go with an isolated concentrate and avoid pure whey. Pure whey is expensive and it’s important for people who have an intolerance to lactose. 

Whey protein is highly recommended for bodybuilders who have a hectic time schedule. It’s convenient as it requires less time to prepare and cook. Whey protein is the quickest protein source and a great time saver.

Sources of fat:

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter contains a huge amount of fat and a fair portion of protein. Its a cheap and stable source of fats and proteins needed for bodybuilding. It will help you to greatly meet your daily calorie and fat needs.

In addition, peanut butter has various micronutrients that can help meet your daily dose requirements. These include Vitamin E, Phosphorous, biotin and Magnese. 

Olive Oil

For a person with a cheap budget plan, olive oil is a god send. Olive oil is a healthy and rich source of fat. It’s rich in oleic acid which helps to fight inflammation and decreases risk to cardiac diseases.

Precaution: Olive oil should be properly used to avoid going overboard.


A cheap source of fat and goes along with a variety of meals. They are calorie dense and are a good choice for quick addition of calories. To lower the cost consider buying almonds in bulk.

Do not get worried by the cost of this nutritious food. Consider this fact: You will be consuming small amounts due to their high-calorie content saving big in the end.

Bodybuilding: A quick wrapup

If you are committed to getting your body in shape and you are hitting the gym hard, don’t forget to keep a healthy nutrition diet. You’ve got every information and ideas on how to maintain a healthy and highly nutritious diet even on a low budget.

Fill up your fridge with these cheap foods outlined and you will thank us later. With these cheap bodybuilding foods you will be able to build muscles and strength altogether at a low budget.