In 2008 I recall writing a story for Men’s Health. The story was supposed to capture tips about “How to lose the last 10 pounds”. This being a major magazine the attention of the story also touched on: getting abs.

During a four months period, I was able to achieve a reduction in the body fat all way down to 6.8 %. 

The whole process was quite not what anyone would probably have imagined.


Meanwhile, while I was in fourth 4th  week of the program I broke my leg. I was just barely a small assistant editor who was trying to make a name. As a hustler, I finished the story and didn’t inform any of my employers. The only person who had the slightest info about my situation was the great diet coach Alan Aragon. 

We decide to get more creative and write up a story because time was not on my side. I additionally wanted to craft a story that would benefit real people. This called for something not too much extreme. This was never a two-day workout or expensive diet plans. It just required one thing.

Eating a dessert each week. I wrote a blog about it and included the line, “Eat your cake and see your abs too”. [Sadly my post on Men’s Health was erased, and all this time I never thought to save my old content.]

I love cheesecakes and ice creams and as such, I loved a dessert greatly. For once I’m not anti-sugar. Sounds weird!

Also, I wasn’t blessed with great charisma. I cannot be The Rock. The ultimate test was huge since from childhood I was overweight.

Can you eat dessert and burn that fat.

Pros Of Eating Dessert ( Include On Any Diet Plan)

Total food denial is a blunder and can crush altogether your diet plans rather than avoiding success. It’s my Opinion in the first place. Science can back my opinion and I do not mean you should never remove foods from your diet that cause unworrying issues. I’m referring to creating a plan that is 100% restricted.

Alan was here to help me convince poor and despairing fellows out there that despite my weakness one can become lean by eating a dessert. The first month for me involved eating dessert on a daily basis and it changed me.

While I expressed with time we changed our dieting plans to twice a week. This was enough to make the whole process splendid.

This whole process of weight loss was enjoyable and less nagging than the other ones being proclaimed by mainstream media. The only thing that I consumed was real food and desserts. I starved for sugar a great.

This method is referred to as the anti-diet approach and is one of the approaches that tame bad dieting. Cravings and withdrawal were all eliminated. Miserable-diet was also kept at bay. It refers to what really happens with nearly 98.3 % of diets that have vast limitations that you are certain not to maintain in the long-run. A believer in science knows that there is no benefit one has over the other for eating a particular diet.

Scientific research done by Dr David Katz shows that a comparison of different diets depicts that most of them work. There is no need to choose what makes you miserable while at the same time you quit.

A diet that has vegetables, fruits and some healthy proteins is encouraged. The big thing is that what you eat on day to day basis doesn’t necessarily have to make you miserable. Consistency and patient are important tricks for ensuring you have a healthy living.

Rules Governing A Dessert

Withdrawing from a number of indulges while trying to lose weight is one mistake people do. Science can confirm this. Researchers from German concluded that this makes hard for people to follow a plan.

Additionaly, University of Alabama conducted a research that evidently supported that women who consumed four desserts a day, lost an average of nine pounds. This is compared to those who ate randomly without restriction.

Small sweeteners help to avail some form of psychological advantage by helping people stay motivated especially when following a dieting plan.

While following a diet, about 10 -20 % of your calories can be directed to some form of treatment. To control this observe the size you take. Ensure that you do not overuse. Or else you can put yourself into a position where you make sure things are kept at bay.

It’s true that getting a spoonful of ice cream is checked when you feel the food is off limit. Maybe it can be useful if you have come across something you enjoy. Understand and learn all about your limits.

Help make a system that will aid you to succeed. But remember not to eliminate all the foodstuff you like. It’s a very common way through which a lot of diets end up failing.