Should you stop taking beer, vodka, or whiskey when partaking of your fat burners? That is one hell of a burning question that we need to be answered today. To be blunt; alcohol is your enemy and not a friend as many people presume.

Recall, alcohol is loaded with sugars. Thus, the sugars work against you especially if you are trying to shed off some weight. After all, beer reduces the testosterone levels in your body thus causing a substantial rise in cortisol production.

Cortisol, in its elevated quantities, causes you to thirst. In short, alcohol makes you thirst for more beer and as you all know, too much liquid calories do your body more harm than good.

Have you ever wondered why many beer buddies have big bellies? The slow metabolism caused by hormonal changes especially when you are drunk cause fats to be deposited in your stomach. It is as a result of this that you end up looking like a pig!

So, where does the link between fat burners and alcohol come in?

You need, for you to develop a deeper understanding of the topic, have to learn all about alcohol and fat burners.

Alcohol by definition

Alcohol, better known as booze is a depressant. This surprisingly tasteful liquid that many men cannot get tired of slows down all vital body functions. You, while drunk, experience slurred speech, blurred vision, and even stumble as you walk.

However, you should not concentrate much on the alcohol’s mind-altering effects but rather on the sluggishness caused by drinking too much of the intoxicating liquid.

Fat burners-what are they?

Fat burners are supplements made from herbs and a vast array of ingredients with the sole purpose of hastening body metabolism. They, through thermogenesis, burn away the excess body fat leaving you lean.

The link between fat burners and alcohol and their connection to bodybuilding

It is very important that you avoid mixing fat burners and alcohol. Recall, fat burners oxidize body fats faster than lightning while alcohol slows your metabolism down.

These two compounds, once combined, work against each other. You, in the end, find yourself exhausted with little or nothing to show for your efforts. The effects not only affect your psychology but can also cause nausea, headaches, and heart-related complications.

Is there a way you can party without putting your bodybuilding program in jeopardy?

As you can see, fat burners and alcohol do not mix. Therefore, you have to sacrifice your crate of beer for a tin of fat burner for you to enjoy lasting results. After all, success is not given. Rather it is taken by brute force.


A bottle of beer does you a lot of good especially if you are in party mode. Regrettably, alcohol works against any bodybuilding enthusiast all thanks to the added calories. 

Alcohol, when mixed with a fat burner, becomes poisonous. It not only prevents you from achieving your bodybuilding goals but also leaves you susceptible to nausea, heart illness, and headaches.

Therefore, it is evidently clear that you have to drop your bottle of champagne if all you want is for your body to get shredded.

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