Welcome to Shredded Academy’s newest series: interviewing fitness pros.

Today we are featuring certified personal trainer Katie Sonier.

-When did you start REALLY working out?

I’ve been some sort of athlete my entire life. I’ve been weight training for about 7 years now. Every year I become more knowledgeable and fall in love with what I do, so each year gets more intense/better.

-What was/is your motivation for being fit?

I like to feel good every single day because it allows me to feel good about every other aspect of my life.

-What are your fitness goals?

Be the best version of myself- which means to be a strong, powerful woman and inspire other women to get strong and powerful as well.

-What is the hardest part about staying disciplined with your workout routine?

I honestly don’t find it very hard to stay disciplined because I absolutely love what I do. It brings me genuine happiness to wake up and work hard every day.

Sweating into the best version of myself ⭐️ www.katiesonier.com

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-Favorite lifts?

Anything lower body- hip thrusts specifically. Currently can hip thrust 600 lbs!

-Least favorite lifts?

I would say pull ups because that’s definitely my weakness, but I still do them a ton because I want to make them a strength!

-What does a normal week at the gym look like for you?

Train 6 days a week, 1 cardio/core/flail around day. 4 lower body training sessions and 2 upper body/gymnastics sessions per week.

Wall werk 🤸🏼‍♀️ www.katiesonier.com

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-What does a normal days diet look like for you?

Tons of protein, fats and carbs. I like to eat and eating a lot allows me to perform the way I like to perform.

-Any inspiration you’d like to share with our readers

Always remember that we all start somewhere. A lot of your favorite fit people have been doing this stuff for years. Stick to the process and never give up on yourself!