When you hear Old Spice, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the iconic whistle jingle. We all know it and now it is going to be stuck in your head for days. But the other thing that may cross your mind is those hilarious Terry Crews’ commercials. While Old Spice may not get you those legendary pecks seen in the commercial, Crews claims there are many ways to sculpt your body.

Obviously not everyone is going to be able to match up with the likes of Terry Crews, who stands at a SOLID 6’3″, 245lbs, but his advice is to make it a habit. “You get better at working by working. And if you don’t work, you’re not getting better.” Habits are formed the most naturally in the morning, specifically between 7-8am, so working in those early hours of the day are going to have tremendous advantages.

It’s understandable to look at a guy like Terry Crews and maybe feel a bit discouraged. Questions may pop into your head like, “how the hell am I supposed to get like that?!” But Crews has another piece of advice to keep your spirits up, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a former NFL athlete or just getting off the couch: Make the workout fit your life and then MAKE. IT. A. HABIT.

“If you do Zumba and you love Zumba – you want to be the badass Zumba chick or Zumba guy – it’s going to keep you in shape. I know bicycle guys who are in better shape than NFL players. You’ve just got to find out what you do, man.”

Find what works best and nothing can stop you from crushing your health goal!