Let’s talk about FATS.

Do they make you physically fat?? Are they bad for you or beneficial??

Well not all fats are bad for you contrary to what you may have been told.

There are tremendous HEALTH benefits associated with fats. They are, but not limited to:
Fighting cancers and heart disease
Fighting weight gain
Improving cardiovascular health
Skin benefits

So, now that we know some of the benefits, I’m sure you’re wondering “what is a good source of fat?”

Types of GOOD Fats
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Almonds, Nut Butters (PB)
Nuts-Cashews, walnuts, pecans etc
Coconut Oil
Fish Oils
Flax Seed Oil
Macadamia Oil
Dark Chocolate

Looking to ADD Muscle?? Fats have 9 calories per gram which is more then carbs and protein (4 cals per gram) so incorporating Fats into the diet is a great way to boost calories when adding size or even hitting that caloric intake mark to lose weight (yes, sometimes we may not be eating ENOUGH to drop fat).

AVOID TRANS FAT- there are no benefits to this crap! It may make food tasty, but it’s just not good for you.

Saturated fats are NOT the enemy (recent studies prove this) BUT be mindful of the portion of SAT Fats you intake.

When is best time to intake fats??

Due to the slow break down of fats it would be suggested that you take them first thing in the morning, or later at night. Having GOOD FATS in the evening may sound bad, but it’s not. So long as you are engulfing yourself in a huge, fatty meal, a small portion of fat before going to bed is actually good for you. In fact, your brain is a very fatty, so fats also serve to improve brain health.

So don’t shy away from fats because the word sounds dreadful. As always be mindful of your total caloric intake and incorporate a healthy balance of GOOD Fats.

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