Written By: Rafay Naeem, Master Trainer at Shredded Academy

You want great muscles in the shortest time possible? You desire much from the superset workout?

Let me assert this truth here. Superset is the best method of activating all the muscle groups. However, a lot of confusion is involved with this method.

Here is the good news though:

I am set to answer all your questions and concerns you have as long as superset is concerned. Basically, you need to know some significant things here. So, read on and get your answers about superset subject.

Defining Superset

However simple the definition of superset may be, most people seem unable to come up with its proper definition. But supersets, simply, are a combination of two different exercises that are performed consecutively without rest between their sets.

Superset is perfect for cutting your time for workout into two. One most important benefit of a superset is the burning of more calories as compared to a regular workout. However, a common belief of among the gym-goers is that combining exercises is not proper. A very big misconception indeed! Apart from those people whose aim is to simply sweat and jet out of the gym with no result or progress, the ones with higher goals ought to workout properly with a combination of exercises that efficiently fulfils an all-round purpose of a training. In brief, have a superset that is properly designed.

Let me try to simplify my explanation in the below formula.

Proper combination of exercises = effective and more fat burning, accelerated muscle building, boosted performance.

Improper combination of exercises = pain, injury, ineffective workout

A properly combined superset is the most suitable and flexible workout for all fitness goals. If you want to cut on body fats by burning extra fats or want to build muscle, superset befits them all. 

Types of Supersets

You are wrong if you think that superset has only one way it employs. Rather, they are of different types. They are all applied depending on a person’s goal and/or personal preferences. You can target different muscle groups or same groups by your performance. Below are types and benefits of supersets:

  1. Compound Supersets

These kind involves two exercises that impact on the same muscle groups. For example, a proper compound superset targeting your biceps is achieved by combining cable curls and dumbbell curls. Compound superset training aims at adding an overall volume to the muscle group.

  • Antagonist Supersets

These kind of superset applies two exercises that target opposing muscle groups. For example, back and chest muscles or triceps and biceps. Briefly, this is the best way to build up two opposing muscles. Antagonist superset exercise saves on time much and is equally effective on muscle building and maintenance at the joint.

  • Different Muscles

This kind of superset selects a combination of exercises that works on completely different muscle groups. For example, the legs and back. For clarity, this superset does not target either antagonist or compound groups, but targets different muscle groups altogether.

Now note this important fact…

Having read the above information, you are more than ready to go. But if your decision is to give it a try, I alert you to avoid below mistakes.

  1. Failure to rest when your body demands it

This is known to you. Supersets are always done without rest in between. But, if you are doing supersets for the first time, you may need to add time on your resting period. You ought to give both muscles and body enough time they need to ‘catch up’ the energy they need to complete the superset training successfully.

  • Doing superset with same weight as of regular workout

Don’t perform supersets with the weight you usually use while doing your regular workouts. If you normally lift heavier weights like between 120 and 125, then you need to reduce the weight to between 95 and 100 pounds.

  • Chaotic Exercise Order

Working out in the gym without a plan is lethal. Don’t apply everything you think about in the gym in the name of exercise if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your workout and stay uninjured.

The standing out benefits of supersets

A superset’s role is to improve the capacity of your muscle endurance and power. It is also a better way for building muscle mass in the shortest time possible. Further, doing supersets impacts greatly impact on metabolic boosts. 

Get the bottom line of this article here

If you had no clue about superset, now you undoubtedly have. You better be smart enough when it comes to choosing your combinations of superset exercises. Choosing a right one will offer a wonderful and much faster goal achievement as compared to an improper one. Supersets are of great beneficial in improving your muscle endurance, fat burning and reducing your workout time by half. Therefore, there remains no stone unturned for your need to incorporate this kind of training into your routine workout. Get better by a step further!


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