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5 Of The Most Effective Full Body Exercises

When it comes to training there is so much you can do, from training splits to isolation exercises, compound movements and plyometrics to name but a few! One thing is for sure, and that’s the undeniable benefits of full body exercises! Full body exercises allow you to burn some serious...

So You Think You May Have A Body Image Disorder?

In the health and fitness industry body image disorders are on the rise! Men and women alike are looking into the mirror and criticizing their bodies. Thoughts like ‘I am not big enough’ and ‘I am not lean enough’ are all too common but when do these thoughts become unhealthy?...

How To Get In Shape While Watching TV

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply be in front of your TV and burn some calories? Getting fit while you watch TV isn’t actually an impossible dream believe it or not! There are some things you can do but some of them don’t actually involve sitting (some of them...

Effects Of Smoking Marijuana And Working out

  Marijuana is a substance, which is usually hot off the press for a number of different reasons. Most recently it’s been hitting headlines due to its medicinal properties and its ability to cure various forms of cancer. The sufferers of many ailments are prescribed marijuana because of its incredible...

The Shocking Truth About Alcohol and GainZ

The sad truth is that as much as you love a drink, alcohol can be your worst enemy for a number of different reasons. That refreshing mojito or sensual glass of red wine may wind you down a bit at the end of a long, hard, stressful day but how...

6 Moves To Lift And Shape That BOOTY

A workout routine to enhance growth and shape When it comes to training your glutes some exercises are more effective than others. Many people assume that the squat is the best exercise to develop a round, sculpted derriere – of course the squat is very effective but there are a...

Here’s How To Get SHREDDED Shoulders Fast

From men and women alike there aren’t many who don’t share the same passion for a beautiful pair of shoulders! Boulder shoulders are perfectly rounded and sculpted with a number of different exercises, which effectively target all of the relevant parts that make up this highly coveted area. Good shoulders...

Here’s How Carb Cycling Can Help You Keep Those Gains

Are you looking to build lean quality muscle while losing body fat? Of course you are! This seems to be the typical goal of gym-goers nowadays. To do this effectively, a few things must be taken into account: total calorie intake, total daily energy expenditure, macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats)....
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