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Top 5 Ways To Build Some Serious Muscle Mass

What is your goal when it comes to fitness? Are you  training for a muscular, Shredded physique? Judging by the fact you clicked on this article, it’s pretty safe to assume you are interested in gaining the most muscle mass possible. There…


Moves for a shredded midsection Everyone wants a shredded midsection! A chiseled set of abs is one of the most coveted areas in the fitness industry. What else screams to others that you work out HARD more so then a gloriously sculpted midsection? Whether…

Is there such a thing as too much protein?

This is a question that plays on the minds of many athletes. Some believe it's not possible to have too much while others believe you have to consume a certain amount every single day in order to achieve optimal muscle growth. From bodybuilders…

How to get rid of muscle soreness FAST!

Muscle soreness is something everyone hates with passion. You have trained hard and have smashed through your personal bests only to find yourself slumped on the couch a few days after unable to move a muscle because you are in too much pain. Welcome…


It’s not unusual to enter a typical gym and see majority of females are in the cardio area while all the males are latching onto the nearest barbell. It’s a shame that women often feel intimidated by the thought of lifting weights since…


HELMUT STREBL Age: 47 Height: 6’3″ – 190cm Weight: 200lbs – 91kg  How did you get started with bodybuilding? At 12 years old, I was a skinny weakling and an easy prey for bullies as I stood out in absolute contrast to a schoolmate…

How to do CHEAT DAY Right!

Okay cheat meals-the double edge sword. This is the meal you look forward to but also dread at the same time. Once the meal is over you automatically start thinking of what the physical outcomes is going to be. Here is the thing: Cheat meals…

5 Of The Most Effective Full Body Exercises

When it comes to training there is so much you can do, from training splits to isolation exercises, compound movements and plyometrics to name but a few! One thing is for sure, and that’s the undeniable benefits of full body exercises! Full…

How To Get In Shape While You Watch TV!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply be in front of your TV and burn some calories? Getting fit while you watch TV isn’t actually an impossible dream believe it or not! There are some things you can do but some of them don’t actually…

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