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Here’s How To Build Massive Calf Muscles

The most stubborn and hard to develop body part for most bodybuilders is definitely a pair of diamond shaped calves. Even at the professional level, a great pair of calves is seldom seen on stage. I think there are a few reasons why this is the case, especially in today’s...

The Top-5 Back Training Mistakes, And How To Correct Them

It’s complicated. Combining ball-and-socket joints that allow maximum arm mobility, a ribbon of snaking bones and nerves that divide the region down the middle, and a phalanx of big and small muscles spread from your butt to your neck, your back is your most complex bodypart. So it’s little wonder...

5 Ways To Recharge Your Back Workouts

Backs make bodybuilders. OK, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but consider this: powerlifters, football players and wrestlers may possess colossal legs, arms and necks, but how many of them have attention-grabbing backs? Expansive “wings” seldom occur without regular doses of specialized exercises, so, outside of our subculture, they’re as...

If You Want To Be SHREDDED All Summer Long, Follow This Plan

Life, they say, is full of contradictions, so why shouldn’t that also apply to working out? You train regularly with both weights and cardio and carefully watch what you eat, which together are supposed to produce a ripped, muscular physique. There’s the catch: "supposed to." What if you do practically...

5 Chest Training Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Your chest is a paradox. Comprising only one major muscle pair, it would seem to be an easy area to train. Press and flye end of story. But this story is a mystery with unpredictable twists. The pecs are deceptively complex–working them is fraught with pitfalls you’ll likely blunder into...
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