Are you aspiring to get stronger? Then there are five facts you need to note down for a maximum strength gain.

  1. Range of Rep

Are you on a 1 to 5 rep range? If you are not, then you are not better positioned for strength gain. A number of people attempt 5 sets but few get to lower rep range eventually. Don’t get scared of doing a set of 1 for example, with 95% of 1 rep max. Even when you don’t achieve strength mission at once, the fact is that you are becoming better on your weightlifting performance. It also means that if you maximize your lifts, it will be even much easier for you to lift much heavier loads.

  • Volume

One most vital element of strength training is volume. The total amount of weight, sets and reps you use on a daily or weekly or monthly basis is referred to as volume. An increase in the volume corresponds directly to a consistent improvement of strength.

  • Selection of Exercise

Barbells are basically better than dumbbells and machines when it comes to strength gains. But, there are few exercises exempted, that is, if your main goal is strength.  However, use of barbells reaps big for majority of exercises in your workouts. Generally, it’s easier to add weight on a barbell than it is with a machine or a dumbbell. In about time, your strength gets to grow better and faster as you continue gauging barbell lifts.

  • Periods of Rest

For fast recovery of your body from a heavy lift, a 3 to 5 minute rest between sets will be a requirement. If your time permits it not, you can then at least try shorter periods of rest. However, you would be quickly deteriorating in your strength between the sets.

The importance of rest periods is to enhance your total volume for every workout. If you gauge longer rest periods in between the sets, you will be able to handle or lift more total weight per set. Eventually, you will record more progress on your strength gain feature every week.

  • Specificity

Using a specific lift to gain more strength? Then, keep this practice as often as possible. Don’t shy off from multiple lift exercises per week. This is a way-bridge of excellence towards improving your strength. With weightlifting exercises too, as you practice more, you get far better.

Having known these basics to strength development, you may be in dire need to engage your workout. We have designed a 4-day workout which can take you through a consistent strength gaining session. They include major lifts such as bench press, deadlifts and squats.