This article doesn’t need too much introduction. Today we will offer 5 tips that every lifter should consider for self-improvement.

1. Start a pattern

To understand how your life is like, take a look at the backseat of your car. Usually, if that area is a mess, so is your life. Check what you have there. Fast food bags? Do you know how hard is to get rid of fat? Significant fat loss is one of the most difficult things you can do without surgery. So the first thing you need to do is to get organized. Start from there. No more McDonalds in the back of your car means less fat to fight with.

Start a Routine

  • Set up a bedtime.
  • Two hours before it, set the coffee maker (or whatever) for half an hour before your morning alarm clock.
  • If you take any supplements and medications, take them.
  • Make a “to do” list for the next day.
  • Then if have a messy car, here’s what you can do for the next week:

Day 1: Clean the backseat of the car.

Day 2: Clean the glove box, the little wells in the driver and passenger seats, and the general front area of the car.

Day 3:   Clean the truck.

Day 4: Clean your bathroom.

Day 5: Donate close you don’t wear.

Day 6: Clean your fridge.

Day 7: Reorganize your computer.

Every one of these acts will clear the mind more and more and will let you focus on the real problems: how to remove the fat from your body.

2. Change your bedtime with an hour

We all have a circadian cycle and some hours of the day are more productive than others. By changing your daily schedule with an hour can give you a more productive hour.

Try to move your bedtime up by 60 minutes, then wake up 60 minutes earlier. Doing so you will be able to:

  • Cook healthy food for the day.
  • Get to the gym before it gets crowdy.
  • Get your abs work done.
  • Add in that cardio work.

3. Start to take cold showers

This doesn’t sound appealing, but there are actually great benefits that come with a cold shower.  Plus there are some tricks that make it more tolerable.

So why you should so it? It is considered that cold showers will help in the fat loss process, will relieve muscle soreness, will improve the immune system, and will also help people with chronic fatigue. These are all great to read by the best part is the mood a cold shower will give you. You will feel exhilarated and all traces of morning depression will fade away.

Yes, the first sensation is unbearable. You actually have to concentrate to breathe deeply and stay under water. Because of this, you will only be focused on the present and forget about everything else. After 30 seconds, something changes and the cold water becomes tolerable.

So now you are distracted from any problems you might have and also don’t feel the pressure of the cold water.

So how can we make it more bearable?

  • If this your first cold shower, don’t take one if you are already cold. Be sure your body has a normal temperature before stepping in a cold shower. If you are worm after a  workout it will be better, but if are cold, you better not try it.
  • Don’t listen to music. Try to be focus only on the cold shower. So no music or podcasts.
  • Breathe deeply and heavily. Don’t hold your breath. By breathing your body will endure better the cold.
  • Get in gradually. Don’t throw all of yourself under a cold shower. Do it step by step. It will feel easier.

4. Be sure to be grateful

If you reflect on gratitude, you’ll be able to have a more positive mindset and it will be better for everything else you do.

The difficulty here is that you can’t be grateful for the same things every day. If you do that too much, you will stop believing in your feelings. So you need to start figuring out a way to be grateful for the challenges and problems you have in your life, and not only for the good aspects of it:

  • Be grateful for an intense workout. It helped you understand that there is no result without hard work.
  • Be grateful for a hurtful knee you have. It helped you understand that you didn’t do something right.
  • Be grateful for the person who left you. You are now single and you can find someone better.

This gratitude type is harder but far more rewarding. By reflecting on your challenges and being grateful for the hard times you had will make you enjoy life more. Try to write everything down and at the end of the week read it so you will see what you have learned.

5. Try to connect more with people around you

When you wake in the morning, try not to have the first connection with a device such as a laptop or a phone. If you don’t have who to talk to in the morning, read a book on self-development or journal about your life. This is the best time of the day to reflect on your life. You can write down what makes you happy at that moment. Start by thinking of little things, such as the taste of coffee on your taste buds.

After 30 minutes with no technology if you need to contact someone, try to call that person instead of writing a message or an email. Try to say good morning to a different person for at least 7 days. This way you will see how many important persons you have in your life.