The news has confirmed that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not going to press charges against an ill-intentioned attacker who dropped him down with a kick the previous weekend he went to South Africa (Johannesburg) to attend the Arnold Classic Africa function. Arnold is a famous bodybuilder regarded as a legend, a star of action-packed films and a politician (has been a senator).

Arnold had made a decision to drop the showdown barely. He otherwise projected that pressing charges was propelling fame towards his attacker instead. Whether genuine or not, he claimed to have moved on. This happened after a scenario where this iconic athlete got kicked on an event that he owns. Surprisingly enough, he had never known of the intentional kick until he saw the video doing rounds. Previously, he thought that he was merely bumped on to by the pressing crowd only to turn out to be an intentional assault on him.

He later posted on tweeter that there was nothing to worry about, thanking his followers for his concerns. He mentioned what he thought the go down to be, ‘I thought I was jostled by the crowd which happens a lot’, he wrote. He had only noticed it to be a kick after seeing the video as was seen publicly. He was rather glad the ‘idiot’ hadn’t interrupted his Snapchat.

Arnold said he was just happy his Snapchat was not interfered with as he made light of the incidence. He further suggested to his followers to pick a blurred video without what the attacker yelled out, if they had to share it. He wanted zero cases of making the attacker on spotlight and so, he told his followers to block or charge.

The viral video

The kicker featured kicking the pioneer of bodybuilding was vastly seen from a video clip that went viral on the social media. Arnold was included in the mass sharing of the clip even though it was blurred and a version of low-quality.

He further highlighted that there are 90 sports at the @ArnoldSports in South Africa from where came 24,000 all-aged athletes with abilities. These athletes also inspire all of them to get off the couch, he said, so it would be good to put that spotlight on to them.

In that video, one can spot the attacker springing off his both feet towards the Austrian Oak. He was taking pictures and event filming. With the landing kick, Arnold was tossed forward into the small crowd in front of him while the attacker falling to the ground. Then, a security guard quickly got onto a sprawl wrestling the attacker from scene outside. The crowd, just like Arnold had shown confusion on what transpired in the short minute scene, while the attacker disappeared off away from the shot.

Not Pressing Charges

Arnold took it to twitter after the attack and explained his bit of the occurrence. He calmed his fury from pressing charges and giving the man a spotlight he did not deserve. However, he rather indicated to his over 4 million followers to concentrate on the athletes of the event – whom he called heroes. In a tweet he said, he would rather focus on the thousands of great athletes he met at @ArnoldSports Africa.

He requested for his followers favor that they watch some upcoming athletes who proved that fitness was for everyone who deserved to be famous instead of sharing the video of his attacker – who did nothing except sought for an undeserved fame. He added his Snapchat where upcoming heroes would be watched:

An upcoming hero demonstrating his potentials in the fitness club

Despite the nasty occurrence on that function, Arnold Schwarzenegger succeeded keeping his attention on to the event’s athletes – the real stars of the moment.