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Here’s What You Should Do When You’re Super Sore

Extreme soreness can be experienced at times when you engage your muscles unnecessary. The greatest magic of exercising is that muscles breakdown first before it builds or become stronger. It sometimes might induce some sore on your muscles and feel a little achy. Yes it would be normal to feel that but there is a […]

11 Ways to Achieve Your Nutritional Goals

At times it is difficult to maintain and fulfil proper nutritional goals. You feel exhausted and worn out trying a plan that does not drive you for a long time. You end up despairing and feed yourself recklessly as if to disapprove a plan you had laid before. Yet one thing is particular, that you […]

Here’s The Science Of Hypertrophy (Muscle Growth)

Knowledge is better than just the sake of doing things. Hyped up with the science of hypertrophy makes you acquainted to track your training and to be better each day. For instance they say, real bros maximize every inch from their training. If the training gives a positive result, then it’s embedded into the program […]

Here’s How to Workout with Tendonitis

Training is made difficult with certain adverse body conditions affecting the veins, bones and joints. Conditions such as back pain, knees inflammation/pain, high blood pressure, arthritis among other known conditions can barely make an exercise reach its optimal standard. With this hindrance, one is likely to refrain from continuous exercising because they do cause pain […]

Here’s the Best Time to Burn Calories

When it comes to calories, “how many?” is usually everyone’s first concern, right? Well, maybe we’ve all been wrong. Researchers have found that actually the “when” part of the equation deserves a little more of the spotlight, especially when it comes to weight loss. A recent study from Current Biology has shown that the number of calories […]

HIIT vs. LISS Training — Which is the Best to Burn Fat?

When it comes to getting in shape and losing weight, it’s widely accepted that there’s going to have to be some sort of cardio involved — but when it comes determining what type is the best cardio to burn fat, people become divided. Especially when it comes to HIIT and LISS training. HIIT, or high-intensity […]

Does Pre-Sleep Protein Help Burn Fat & Build Muscle?

When’s the best time to take your protein shake? There’s been mixed messages on the topic for a while now, but a new study is claiming that you should be slurping it down right before you settle down to sleep. According to a new review published in Frontiers in Nutrition, your time spent sleeping is a […]

How to Prevent Asthma From Ruining Your Workouts

Exercise and asthma aren’t mutually exclusive. Everyone knows how it feels to struggle through a workout when your lungs are basically shrieking that you should just stop and go back to bed. But if working out always makes your lungs feel like you’re in the ninth circle of hell, you might actually have exercise-induced asthma. Here’s how you can spot […]

How To Fix Muscle Imbalance — Symmetry

Learn How to Fix Muscle Imbalance and Asymmetry: When One Side, Arm or Leg is Bigger or Stronger Than the Other. Here’s what you will learn in this guide: What is asymmetry Types of symmetry and asymmetry Impact and types of asymmetry How to reverse the process of asymmetry Body symmetry as a goal in […]

15 Tips To Get More Vascular

If you’ve been working out for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve seen someone who looks like a walking road map. They are so shredded and vascular it’s almost disgusting. But you want to look like that, right? Well since you are already lifting and hopefully eating a somewhat healthy diet, let’s dive into […]