Genetics undoubtedly play a significant role in our lives. They are responsible for our uniqueness and each one being good in our own different ways. In bodybuilding, it comes with no big surprise.

There are pretty skinny guys who have been working tirelessly on their hamstrings for years but are hardly getting the results they are working for.

On the contrary we have these lucky guys who are the subject of cyber bullying because of their super sculpted physiques. They get ‘the entire human race is on steroids’ type of comments.

Well, genetics don’t play much part in physique development. Supplements stores wouldn’t simply exist because of this fact.

But can pre-determined traits actually determine the success in bodybuilding, or is it just another myth of the gym?

Genetics: The Ectos, the Mesos, and the Endos

As far as genetics and bodybuilding are concerned, there are way varied outcomes. This can be examined by checking out the three primary body types.

Many of us fall into one category of the primary body types, however, this is not a concrete outline of every person. Sometimes we can fall somewhere in between two.

We have got ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph body types and each has got their pros and cons.

Therefore, every guy falls into a specific body type and it is possible fall in between two.


This is the average thin body. Some typical characteristics include

  • Lean muscle
  • Naturally thin
  • Low body fat
  • Light bone structure
  • Super quick metabolism
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Flat chest
  • Struggles gaining mass

Basically these are lean, mean, gangly machines.

Gaining mass is a struggle as an ectomorph in bodybuilding. Every calorie they consume seems to vanish fast because of their super-fast metabolism. Hitting an optimal surplus is a hard task making bulking very difficult.

Lack of knowledge and laziness can’t be accounted here as this fellow train pretty hard. They are simply not responding hence the term “non-responder”. Studies have proven this phenomenon.  

Ectomorphs’ can’t produce extra genetic material because of their cells inability to openly share their nucleus with the muscle. Also, they have insufficient satellite cells surrounding muscle fibers.

The beauty here is that once this body clicks slabs of lean muscle finally build. Shredding of any additional body fat is effortless because of their naturally low body fat.


These are naturally jacked and incredibly good looking guys. Here are there conspicuous characteristics:

  • Possesses ‘V’ taper
  • Naturally strong
  • Athletic build
  • Defined muscular physique
  • Builds muscle easily
  • Average fat gainer
  • Steady metabolism

These guys are naturally good at any sport they take part in. This could be because they are naturally tall, possess a perfect ‘V’ taper, and athletic.

Look at it this way: mesomorphs make up the middle ground of the gene pool such that they are not so far out of it and are not drowning at the bottom either.

When starting out in bodybuilding, they have a pretty excellent progress. Their muscle gain and response to weight training is pretty impressive.


This is usually the type of guy with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. Also, you’ll know the endomorph when you see them.

Endomorphs are:

  • Round build
  • Natural “stocky” stature
  • Natural higher body fat – hardly appear shredded
  • Gains both fat and muscle easily
  • Slow metabolism
  • Typically short
  • Broad shoulders and thick wrists.

Gaining is never an issue for endomorphs as their bodies are simply pre-programmed to grow and build, which they do, and pretty fast.

Well, easy gains come at a cost. Endomorphs have an above average body fat and slow metabolism. Piling up all the muscle is easy but it’s much harder for them to cut up the fat and become lean.

These fellows must keep an eye on their energy intake. As training for fat loss can be pretty hard.

Don’t be deceived by body type: using grey matter to build muscle

The mind can be the secret weapon to your sweet success in bodybuilding. A lot of fellows have experienced dominance in the realms of bodybuilding without being blessed with the greatest of the genes.

When it comes to training, guys often forget that intelligence can play a big role in success. Some forget that it doesn’t need coaching and guidance on very small and basic things. You don’t need coaching to get out of that bed and hit the gym. No you don’t.

One is mistaken, if they think that they are going to have an easy ride because of an optimized body type. Brawn is not everything, right mind is.

Many have had shoddy body types, the likes of Larry Scott, but came out for the iron like it was their last. Cruising and seizing every opportunity they got hold of until they became their greatest features.

Lesson learnt: Make that disadvantage a freaking solid strength.

Take a cerebral approach in your training. It’s never a bad thing. Train extremely hard and fill in the blanks as you go along by making lifestyle choices that count by engaging books, webinars, diet, supplementation, and podcasts all about training.

Engage with Dorian Yates on whatever platform there is. He has way lot of information about spotting flaws and fixing them for physique success.

Hormones: they are not just for quenching anyhow thirst

In bodybuilding, good hormones could make all the difference you desire in building a world class physique.

This can easily be gotten wrong. Therefore, individuals should study and conduct research about their genetics to uncover just what hormonal characteristics they are expressing lest they start growing funny protein-fart clouds in quite unusual places.

One can monitor their behavior throughout the day or can take a test to uncover this. Determine whether it is a lack of sleep that is lagging you behind. Or if its unusual sex drive. Do you have a feeling of constant hunger?

Constantly monitor your body, because hormones could be influencing you in more ways than you could realize.

Application to bodybuilding

In an ideal situation, our production of endogenous growth hormones and androgens would be high. It’s because they have a positive synthesis effect on skeletal muscle, which is the desired effect.

It is desired when cortisol levels are naturally low. Poor lifestyle choices and stress play a key role in our cortisol levels. Some can be born with predisposing factors to depression and anxiety consequently leading to low testosterone level and high cortisol levels.

Studies suggest that short-term increase in cortisol is associated with a decrease in protein synthesis. So you know what this means. Try and stay away from stress and optimize your body through lifestyle changes and natural enhancers.

One can ensure their hormones are in perfect balance for muscle build up by supplementing with effective boosters.

In summary

Hey, you got to work with the hand you were gifted with.

A certain body type shouldn’t stop you from evolving into an absolute bodybuilder. You have to overcome less than deal with circumstances, hard work always beats talent.

To overshadow the rest and beat the odds you got to depict a high level of unmeasured work ethic.

If you are naturally skin, put the ‘easy gainer’ thought into your head. Work extremely and extra hard to bulk. Resurrect those weaknesses into strengths and sure enough you’ll make the most out of it.

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