Most of us are here for the V-shaped back, crazy pumps, and the muscular python arms. We would never miss leg days and those fascinating training sessions. And in between these areas, are the chiseled abs.

The question really is, is there the need to train abs?

Whether one is shifting slabs on the deadlift platform or bossing squats in the rack, they know just how important the core is.

A stone-hard core is far more important than just getting attention from the ladies. It is for a strong foundation for an eye catching performance in the gym.

Is there a need to train abs?

Just like bulging biceps, shredded abs form the top wish list for many gym goers. So if you are rocking some pretty legendary weights in the gym, is it necessary to give the abs a workout of their own?

Every lifter needs a strong core just like a tree with a weak trunk will hit the deck in the wind. You need a strong midsection with the ability to withstand strong lifts.

Developing such type of muscle in your core is important just like any other class of muscles. It takes one to have determination, grit, and do a lot of work not forgetting smart training lest you succumb to injuries.

It’s not about planks and sit-ups, get that straight. This won’t give you that super looking six pack. It requires a combined different types of exercises together with some pretty smart know how in creating a super fine core.

Now that we know why we need abs, how do you train abs?

Let’s get started.

Training abs

You better get yourself ready. Because you going to get that armor-plated, Spartan style, and deeply etched perfection in the abdomen.

Get yourself for the tips and hints, the dos and don’ts, and the hell yeah’s and the hell no’s.

Drop working out in isolation

Well, working out abs in isolation is a bad idea. It’s like training your quads but never working out the other leg muscles. To get ticking and fired up in all angles you need to work out the squats, deadlifts, and presses as well as other isolation exercises.

Cease from the ab isolation exercises. As much as they do have a burning effect, they will not bolster one’s lifts. Work out in every element will bolster one’s core in an all-round functional way that aid in the laying down of serious slab muscle and genuine strength in the core.

Give the abs a break

Training the abs for a week would probably get your abdomen dysfunctional. Give them a break. Do not train the abs every day. Give them a break and recovery time and let them probably focus again.

Just like other class of muscles, the secret in building defined muscle is by adding heavy resistance in sets of close to 8-20 repetitions. Abs don’t need to occupy most of your time. Treat it the same way you would treat squats by grabbing some weights and smashing the same repetition set pattern.

Go slow on the plank

As much as they are loved, they are not effective.

Planks cannot give you a super defined, shirt splitting abs. So, if you are a fan, you better think twice. Planked abs are characterized by non-build muscles with slow and fast-twitch fibers.

By the virtue that planks do not contract muscles and hence do not break muscles down making the bigger and better, you won’t acquire much need strength. You need pair this up with contracting exercises so as to build muscle.

Don’t ruin the abs before your full workout

Presses, squats, deadlifts, and every other sort of work out depend on the core to keep one steady. Starting with working abs in the gym before full workout is surely a bad idea given that the ab is the epicenter of the body. Draining it out will leave you extremely fatigued to further any workout effectively.

So, don’t ruin the core before getting the chance to drill your full workout.   

Hitting the right diet.

“Put down that beer, abs are made in the kitchen”. That’s an ancient Greek proverb. Hard training and a bad diet and lifestyle cannot be on the same lane at the same time.

No matter how much you working your abs out, a bad diet won’t just let you have them. So unless you are hitting the right diet, forget it.

Work on your diet and perfect the fat loss.  

Work out in all the angles

Rome was not built in a single day. You want those shredded, eye catching abs, you have to work every angle. Mere sit ups can’t.

Using the same exercises every session won’t hit each and every muscle that makes up your core. Compound movements and a wide range of isolated options will hit every angle of these muscles and give you the desired result. 

Should abs be trained separately?

The need for a strong core in bodybuilding is quite clear, but as an individual, do you need additional ab training?

One might not feel the effect on core from compound movements as much as a specifically targeted ab workout. What you need to believe is that, all these exercises will hit your core at all angles providing you with weight resistance for a defined growth of muscles.

If you feel you need additional ab training, well and good. Train in a couple of short ab work outs in a week. Have an objective of adding weight to these muscles as much as possible using different compound movements.

Ab exercises

Here are a few ab exercises:

Ab roll outs

Get an ab roller, if you’ve got access to one. If not, a barbell with a plate each side will serve the purpose.

Whilst holding the roller, kneel on the ground

Slightly lean forward until your shoulders are over the roller

Keeping your back strong and flat, engage your core and then roll out the roller in front.

Determine the point where your back starts to sag and you form breaks. This is the point you’ll reach henceforth.

Using your abs, pull your arms back and your back upwards until you are back in your starting position.

Do this continuously to burn those abs

Cable wood chop

The wood chop machine is a kit that provides constant resistance throughout a movement which will aid in laying down serious slabs of stone hard muscle.

Make sure to set the cable to just above your head.

While holding the handle with both hands, stand side on to it.

Use your abs and torso to pull the cable across your body and down into low position.

Return to your beginning position and repeat several times.

Jack knife sit-up

A jack knife sit-up creates a killer contraction in the abdomen that a regular sit-up won’t. Once you master the movement, be sure to in-cooperate extra weight (medicine ball preferably) into the mix. The role of the weight is to create more resistance.

Sit on the floor holding a medicine ball between the hands.

Slightly bend your legs keeping your ankles together and lift your feet so they are slightly raised off the floor.

Leaning back your torso to the floor, touch the medicine ball to the floor above your head.

Sit up, raising the medicine ball up in front of you while raising your legs at the same time so that you can touch your toes with the medicine ball in a closed V position.

Return to the start position, with the feet raised and medicine ball above the head.

There you have it fellows. Usual compound lifting routine should be sufficient to develop the abs. If you feel like that is not enough, you can smartly train using these tips and exercises.

You can use a high-quality fat burner, a supplement that aids in achieving shredded abs.