Meet the First Power Couple in Men’s and Women’s Health

CJ Koegel is a famous fitness model, trainer, and an inventor. He derives his inspiration from his girlfriend, Bree Branker, who trains dancers. He prefers to go for dancing lessons in his girlfriend’s class. Bree Branker was formerly a dancer at Broadway and a trainer at Akins Army, and known for good training skills. He said that he jokes with her because he had previously done her class for three months.

The two, Koegel and Branker, have specialized in both training and modeling. They help people to stay in better shape and feel good with their bodies. Their entire careers are all about the fitness curriculum. In most cases, the two train together and commit to a physically active and healthy lifestyle which transforms to their healthy relationship too. They often complement one another in their strength as they train together and do each other’s classes. They prove the excellence of a strong, the general well-being, attaining a wonderful physique, mental, and emotional health. They prove to be the Health Power Couple. They are role models for whoever couples desiring to build stronger relationships using fitness and exercise. If there is the best example in model couples, then Koegel and Branker give a reason for this featuring. It is a credit to them.

Shape a Strong Relationship Base

Though Koegel and Branker have their own specific specialties and preferences shaped by their backgrounds, they however do often work together. Before Branker met him, he was deeply modeled in fitness profession.

Koegel had identified his gift to be in athletics while still a young man but he had further earned a scholarship of football at the University of Massachusetts. He started the DI squad though he aimed to prove his potency of playing football to his teammates. Being a kicker, he consider it to be one of the ‘softer positions’ in the sport. He did not want his position to define the type of athlete he was. He felt very heavy learning what was best for him to do in the gym. With time, he had noticed more athletic players turning to him with an interest to adopt the new fitness practice he was on. He depicted the influence which he saw as a respect for his conspicuous role in athletics. He had much sources to encourage him to continue his desire in fitness.

He had a chance of pursuing a spot in the NFL after his college which had drawn attention from more people other than his teammates. In his college, he featured in the list of top 10 punters in his draft class by Mel Kiper Jr. Even though he did not qualify as a pro, he got a stint on MTV’s reality show circuit. Later, he shifted to New York City where he pursued a fitness trainer and Wilhemina model career.

Branker met Koegel at Wilhemina Fitness Friday where they were rock climbing. However, she was in a different relationship at the moment but new to the modeling agency. They then formed a wonderful friendship after helping in introducing her to the organization’s staff. Their friendship solidified after Koegel splitting up with his girlfriend a few months later and the two began seeing one another more often. They started hanging out until they had formalized into today’s visible couple. They are a more featured couple who do their workouts together without strain.

Together in Fitness

The two have then been supporting one another inside and outside the gym to reinforce their relationship since the time they met. This led to Koegel inventing OTTO, a product that can be used during home exercises, which hopefully would diversify his career after his modeling days. A slick promo video had launched his OTTO kit and had intercut Branker as its footage showcasing its features.

Koegel accompanied Branker on her endurance run of six miles which she viewed as a buildup mechanism. They accomplished the togetherness fitness of six mile run by getting into action as a pair not because he really wanted to but it was a likely better support to her energy rather – doing that together with his lady. He said the idea was not brilliant but he had to persevere for a better outcome and necessary focus on their profession.

Though he had been losing his way more than often, Branker had been his influence to keep on track so that he achieves his goals. Giving a statement pertaining losing his way, he reiterated that when one gets consulted for fitness stuff, you are bound to lose your fitness schedule in the process. Some years back, he had realized that he was losing his own drive and focus on things he needed to prioritize and give much focus. So, he has benefited greatly on taking Branker’s classes that restored him to utmost excitement and refocus. During her support, they had worked together to build on trust that was far beyond the time they spent together. He gives credit to his successes in the profession which has greatly improved the stability of their relationship.

He attributes their love foundation to Branker’s confidence-giving traits in their relationship that surpassed fitness and made it easy for him to love her more.  He had never had a negative mind or doubt on their trust in relationship – there was no room for that at all in his gut feelings. He had made it through the difficult past because she gave him the confidence of trust which grew beyond the confinement of their relationship. They were beyond the test of waters and their relationship was much consolidated for continuity.

Golden Advice to You by the Power Couple

Koegel advocates for honest communication if you are going to use fitness for strengthening your relationship. The best relationship is given taste of time by honest communication. Together with Branker they communicate openly about how their bodies feel and what they enjoy doing. They then adapt the common likes among them and start doing them often. And it has been much fun going through their likes together.

Honest communication makes the relationship lively and gives it up to the mark standard. He further claims that openness should drive to knowing one another’s space that one requires to do his/her own thing. It simply shows that they might not be together all the time.

Koegel says that there are some moments when he does not want to go with her to the gym because he wants to work out his stuff like bench press or tricep beach muscles. Branker accords him his space without a great deal – she understands entirely. So she does not nag him and does not stop him from being him in the gym. This even inspires him to aspire working out with her more. It makes him ready to continue trusting her and committing to best times of the relationship.

The Suggested Workouts

Take time to undertake the exercises in successive cycles. After the first round, you need to rest for almost 2 minutes. Then do them again for two times to get to a count of 3 sets.

Squat hold by forming an athletic stance as you bend at the knees while pushing your hip back. Maintain a straight spine as you squeeze your core and maintaining your arms in front of your body. When doing this as two people, your partner should complete 10 jump squats as you squat hold and if doing this alone, squat hold for twenty seconds and push up back slowly.

Jump squat by standing with legs apart and pointing your toes out slightly. Make your chest as straight as possible and very tight. While bending your knees, sit the hips back and straighten your arms before you at your shoulders height. Press downwards and jump as high as you can from the ground. Swing your arms behind you as you do that. That makes one rep. Fall back to the ground softly and lower down for the next squat. Switch with your partner upon completion of 10 reps.

With plank holding, start by touching on to the floor by your hands and knees. Position the elbows under shoulders and lower your forearms to the floor. Make your shoulders wide apart as you form a 90-degree angle. Your feet should be extended back and let it rest on your toes. Straighten your spinal alignment and squeeze your core. Make your gaze to the floor with your face in front of you. Keep doing this as your partner hops laterally in each direction for 30 to 45 seconds.

Lateral hop by maintaining an athletic stance. Jump over your partner and land lightly on your partner’s other side. Remove the balls of your feet. Finish this by 10 reps per side of your partner.

Do an elevated pushup by letting your partner to grab your feet as you hold hers on your thighs. In that position squeeze about your core and do 10 pushups.

Do squat holding again. 

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