Let’s assume that you’re having a shitty workout. You don’t have any desire to be in the gym. Everything seems extremely difficult. You’re just going through the movements, calculating the sets left till you can go home. Don’t beat yourself up because this happens to all of us from time to time. Sometimes this can happen every week. Sometimes even twice a week.

The problem here is that these workouts can literally be suffocating, sucking the life right out of you. Well, here’s the first idea regarding this issue:

Bad workouts, like bad days at the job, or at home, are normal. They’re simply a piece of the sport or life for that matter.

Truth be told, training is supposed to be difficult. That’s the whole idea. Easy things are dull things.

Working out for the final goal such as building your best body,  isn’t manscaping.  The action of modifying your body structure is so much more than simply building muscle or losing fat. It’s you renouncing who you are for who you aspire to be and then practicing with iron and steel to beat your new form into being. Producing a new you is not a walk in the park. You need to understand that is a hard time almost a fictitious act. And this is how it should be. You know the saying ‘no pain no game’. Well, this is exactly what I’m talking about.

People who believe that things that don’t come easily and quickly aren’t deserving or aren’t meant to be done at all are simple morons. We see this all the time. A person attempts something new, that person struggles, and instantly labels himself a loser and stops. That person doesn’t understand that nothing significant appears automagically. That person doesn’t understand that everything needs more time, work, and courage than we want to suppose at the starting point.

The fact that it’s difficult isn’t a hint that it’s presumably not worth it. The effort is the key. The effort is how it indicates its value. The fact that it’s difficult isn’t a clue that you don’t fit in the gym. The effort is how you confirm that you’re worthy.

All people executing the change game struggles, too. It needs commitment. Extreme amounts of hard, and sometimes unendurable, workout. Building the body of your desires isn’t difficult in the same way other work is difficult, though. Nobody’s going to fire you if you don’t do good. Only you are your master. When you look at it that way, it’s really rather easy. But it’s also hard, and that’s okay. We shouldn’t question what it takes and what it involves. It demands resilience. It needs atonement. It takes determination. And it teaches a precious lesson: if you have the will to transform your body, then you have the power to improve your life.

Keep in mind all of that when you’re having a poor day in the gym or harder-than-hell workout.

Sometimes it’s on those days that you succeed, physiologically and also psychologically. So don’t let a bad workout day hold you back.

Also, remember that no barriers in your course are too towering or difficult except if you state that they are. There’s nothing that can’t be defeated with sufficient determination. So, when you’re having a laborious day of exercise, train anyway. Do it, especially because it’s hard.

Don’t let one unfortunate day strip you of the days that will come.

Remember that easy is not the way. Not for your body and not for your mind.