Hardly anyone actually enjoys leg day. But the results of skipping this grueling day can be TERRIFYING.

Beginning your leg days with curls is probably a sign that you are doing leg day VERY wrong. And I get it, leg days are hard, but skipping this brutal and vitally important day is a lot more noticeable than you think. For example, exhibit B:

And it would appear that more and more people are skipping this crucial day.

Celebrities aren’t immune to this phenomenon either it would appear.

Your body needs equal work on every part. This is not a foreign concept either. If you only work your chest, your back is going to suffer. If you only work your arms, your core is going to suffer. And even if you only work your legs, your upper-body is going to suffer terribly:

These guys are obviously doing something very right, otherwise they wouldn’t have so much muscle. BUT, they are doing something very wrong also. Find your balance and please, whatever you do, take a little advice from a wise sponge and don’t skip leg day.