Abs are downright fascinating. As a matter of fact, men from all across the globe wish they could turn their bellies into an amusement park of sorts for added aesthetics leave alone a powerful midsection.

Unfortunately, six packs do not grow on trees. You have to hassle hard for you to get anything worthwhile. For the average Joe, abs are within reach if only you follow the processes mentioned below.

1. Eat foods low in calories

Excess body fat is a dream killer. To be blunt; you cannot expect to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger when all you consume is food rich in body fat. Look, brother, something has got to give!

Entering a calorie deficit, for instance, is an ingenious way of killing the extra layer of body fat. You, by cutting down on calorie intake improve your chances of developing the perfect abs. 

Recall, the less fat you consume the better and this is the reason why. Less fat intake forces the body to burn up the little fat stored in the body. Over time, you become as lean as they come. 

However, you must reduce your calorie levels to the desired range of between 10% and 12%. You should then take action when you reach the 8% mark as that is when your abs get etched out across your stomach.

So, how do you go about it?

You need to, first of all, calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Luckily, the formula below hits the jackpot in as far as BMR is concerned.

66 + (6.23 × weight in pounds) + (12.7 × height in inches) – (6.8 × age in years)

The value obtained should then be multiplied by your activity level as illustrated below.

• Sedentary exercise: BMR × 12

• Lightly active exercise: BMR × 1.375

• Moderately active exercise: BMR × 1.55

• Very active exercise: BMR × 1.725

• Extra active exercise: BMR × 1.9

Once done, you need to deduct 20% from your total for you to get the accurate deficit reading. As a pointer, consuming lean protein and fibrous greens can help advance your agenda.

2. Welcome to the iron age

Success comes only to those who pursue it. To put your mind in the right perspective, you need to click and clank those gym metallic weights like your life depends on it. Weight lifting coupled with cardio can work wonders for you. 

Remember, lifting weights not only offers you a perfect way out of your fatty predicament but also improves your physique. 

That is not all, hitting the gym and lifting weights actually helps boost your metabolism. Increased metabolism, for your information, gives your body the extra energy it needs to create those abs that are worth dying for. For more significant returns, you should invest in shorter rests and longer weightlifting bouts.

3. Go for HIIT training

HIIT training is a legend builder. The technique, to say the least, works better than pavement plodding. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that HIIT is a superb way of killing body fat in men. 

The approach requires a lot of energy to fulfill which is why it can be excellent for anyone looking for a muscle build-up. Spoiler alert, busy people can always benefit from this technique. 

For fast results, it is expected that you engage yourself in a 10-minute battle rope Tabata blast. Taking shorter rests is a sure way of accelerating the results and your Smartphone’s round timer app can help you keep track of your time.

4. Consume more protein

Dieting leads to a loss in muscle density. Dieting, although important for any abs enthusiast should not stop you from gaining some extra muscles. All you need to do is to consume foods rich in lean protein. 

Whitefish, lean beef, turkey mince, chicken breast, and whey & soy protein isolate powder work like magic. They up your amino acid intake thus giving your muscles all the building blocks they need to remain healthy and strong.

Proteins are also good for all those looking for a way to perfect their abs because they make you feel like your belly is full all day long. Excess protein intake is, therefore, recommended. 

5. Beat the compound lifts at their game

Compound lifting is the new kid on the block that takes your body to the limit. Compound lifts keep multiple joints and muscles engaged. You, as a result of lifting such weights, burn more calories at a go. 

In essence, compound lifts do not seem to work but they do. They, by taking your body to the limit, strengthen your core. Your abs and spinal erectors, to say the least, get the feel of it.

Those looking for a more accelerated solution are encouraged to go heavy. As research shows, intense heavy lifting always leads to a spike in testosterone production. Testosterone being the male growth hormone helps your stomach cut through.

Finally, you have to always keep your abs in motion. Using strategies that directly target the abs can certainly help them pop out sooner than later.

6. Pay extra attention to your carbohydrate intake

Carbohydrates will definitely take you to the promised land. Anyhow, carbs once consumed in excess can destroy your ab goals. Remember, the extra amounts get stored in your body as fat.

For your information, a person who consumes excess carbohydrates and lazies around is likely to benefit less compared to someone who uses his carb reserve for play. At the end of it all, carbohydrates get oxidized to provide the body with additional energy.

This energy, if left unused, gets converted into fat, the kind of fat that makes you fat! How do you subdue the situation? Eating carbohydrates just before a rigorous workout session can give you the energy you need to go through an energy-intensive day.

Always remember that carbohydrates are good for your body if only they are oxidized to give you more energy.

7. Spike your testosterone levels

Alpha males are men with significant amounts of testosterone in their bodies. These individuals stand out from the rest of the pack because they have more than enough hormones to go by. 

Testosterone, to say the least, is a blessing in disguise. According to recent studies, men with low testosterone levels grow fatter than those with significant amounts of the hormone. 

Fret not if you are one plump guy for you can have your abs enhanced. All you need to do is to suppress your stress levels, lift heavy materials-hard and often, sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours every day, and finally use natural testosterone supplements.

Testosterone levels once above the recommended make ab development possible.


The above–mentioned secrets, once put into good use will definitely make you a show off. Anyhow, you have to put in the work because consistency is key. Lastly, genetics also plays a part in ab development.  

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