The debate over whether or not Lebron James is the greatest player in NBA history could go on for years (by the way, he is), but there’s no denying that the three-time NBA champ has an absolutely shredded physique.

While a large part of his success comes from his skills with the ball in his hands (and insanely good vision), being incredibly strong allows him to do things with his body most players cannot.

Most people work out to gain muscle or get lean, but Lebron’s workouts target his explosiveness and power. He performs a lot of exercises that most people are familiar with so emulating his particular workout isn’t impossible.

Now, this workout doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be dunking the ball like James, but give it a few months and who knows? Maybe you’ll be throwing it down on people too!





We might not be able to have a personal chef like Lebron, but that doesn’t mean we can’t follow similar dieting principles.

While carbs may not be great for losing weight, they are fantastic sources of energy if you’re someone that is constantly active.

Lebron also mixes in a lot of fruits to go along with his meals so that his body can get the minerals it needs.

Here’s what a typical day of eating looks like for King James.

Six meals seems like a lot, but when you’re constantly moving around, and running up and down a court, your body needs a lot of nutrients to maintain its size. While many players seem to get out of shape the bigger they get, Lebron has managed to put on a lot of size while also having incredible stamina.

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