If you are reading this article, its because you have hit the gym hard and changed your overall body. First people are admiring you. But how do you stay fit and maintain those admirable muscles? Is it possible to lose your physique even while you are bulking heavy? Continue reading this article and you will understand everything there is to know about bulking and staying shredded.

How complex is it to stay shredded all year long?

The answer to this hard question is simple. It depends on the body type a person has. Lean people find it easier compared to guys with huge bodies. All together its isn’t impossible for anyone to achieve this.

The trick is to ensure that you check your body fat content. The moment you have dropped the fat content to an average level you will need to maintain at a certain level.

While you desperately needed to reduce your daily calories, here it doesn’t work. It is now manageable to maintain your muscle to fat ratio. We are talking about small changes.

Importance of staying shredded

Better body status helps to maintain good metabolism in your body overall. For a more faster metabolism ensure that put more muscles in your body. This may seem absurd at first but realistically it takes more time and energy to maintain them than fat content. You will increase your BMR by practising more of this.

Here are the top tips for staying shredded all year long.

Shift to more flexible dieting.

You probably have dieted extremely to get the body shape you have. Reducing your daily calories is not easy and when done severely can negatively impact your performance.

Basically, low-calorie levels can rip you off and can create a great change in your hormones. Scientific research has proved that cutting your carb and fat levels can increase testosterone levels. So, what’s the remedy? Change to a more flexible diet. To achieve this consider these 3 tips:

  • Track what you take on a daily basis.
  • So long as you are comfortable to eat what you like and at any time.
  • Deduct what you eat from your allowances.

It’s simple and this is how to achieve this plan…..

The first thing you should keep in mind is the amount of calorie you need per day. Apps and calculators have come in handy to help but do not rely on them. The second and most important thing is to ensure you get a rough estimate of what you are consuming track your body weight and fat.

  • Consider dropping your daily snack intake.
  • Add some protein. Take peanuts more in the morning.
  • Stay the same all year long. That’s the magic trick.

Keep track of your body complexion and composition to ensure that your fat levels are maintained appropriately.

You are now in a new world of flexible dieting and this is the only place where you can relax and be comfortable all year long.

Train hard and continuously

This might sound crazy but just training hard and continuously. There is no need to cut down your dieting plan or exercises just because you have achieved the target. The trick here is all about maintaining your body and exploring other different areas.

Importance of continuous and hard training:

  • Helps to maintain and build your muscle complexion.
  • Burns down the fat content in your body.
  • Better body complexion and composition.
  • A more healthy lifestyle.

A major reason for continuous and hard training is to ensure that you maintain your muscle mass. Lifting weights will ensure that your body physique is well protected. It will ensure that you are strong and you can get the freedom you need in your life.

Intensity plays a big role and you need to keep up your daily workout routine. Shift to a strength based workout instead of a purely fat focused workout. Doing thee workouts will guarantee a lean and fit body all year long.

Crush your compound exercises

There are two important benefits one gain after continuous compound movements hits. They are:

  • Calories are burnt much faster.
  • You get to lift much heavier weight.

How compound exercises burn more calories

Exercises that involve a combination of different joint moves need more calories. This comes from the increased demand needed for more recruitment of muscles. This simply means that hitting more compound exercises translates to burning of more calories.

Within a short time, you will grow bigger and stronger while staying lean too. Additionally, you will get to maintain an average level of fat in your body.

Add thermogenic foods in your diet

The term thermogenic basically means to produce heat. Thermogenic food raise the temp of our bodies and hence the need for energy. The body can never achieve this high temperature without first having energy. These foods help to burn down calories in our bodies. Examples of these foods include:

  • Protein
  • Coffee
  • Pepper foods
  • Green tea

Final tips on getting shredded all year long

You now have all the important tips that will guarantee a well shredded year. You don’t have to struggle too hard with exercises that are not giving positive results. Live a lean lifestyle and ensure that you do away with bad dieting and exercises routines.

You have to think and take drastic changes regarding your dieting. Seek as much as you can to fight against fat. Thermogenic foods have the ability to help in this process. These “hot” foods are easy and cheap to access.

Set up a daily routine where you will have an hour to exercise. Remember an hour a day is worth than 4 hours spent on the weekend in the gym. Compound exercise need to be done at a short time spun to allow body relaxation. A few hours a day every week will get you the lean body you wish to have.

You are now set with essential insight to help you stay shredded all year. Good luck and we hope you have the very best 365 of daily one-hour exercise lifestyle. Follow these basic tips and we guarantee a 100% fit lifestyle and a lean body worth the admirance.