Time is never enough especially when there is a lot in play. Let’s face it. We live in a busy world. Heck, 24 hours are never enough for the average Joe which is why many individuals sacrifice their sleep time just catch up with life.

Sadly, they do not realize that losing sleep puts their health in jeopardy. It is in this accord that we seek to show you how sleep is important for recovery.

Sleep deprivation and its effects

The Journal of Neuroscience reveals that extended, work commuting times, artificial lightning, night-shift duties, and digital display screens all play a role in shortening your sleeping times.

As a matter of fact, insomnia is attributed to all the above. A person, once deprived of enough sleep faces serious health risks; risks that end up affecting one’s muscles, brain, immunity, and metabolism.

Sleep deprivation and its effects on your brain

Prolonged periods of sleeplessness kill off neurons responsible for cognition and mental alertness. 

Studies also show that sleep deprivation is also responsible for mood loss. For the record, insomnia kills healthy cells, neurotransmitters to be precise leaving you exposed to a boatload of negative effects.

To be blunt; the lack of sleep can also cause memory loss and dementia. Short-term effects, to say the least, are less pronounced than long-term effects. Therefore, it is wise that you have plenty of sleep whenever you can.

Can you build muscle when you are sleepy?

Can you build muscle mass when you are sleepy? Hell no. Insomnia, to set the records straight inhibits your ability to develop a shredded body. Recall, studies show that sleep is essential for cellular, organic, and systemic functions.

Therefore, sleep deprivation sets in motion a series of health risks; problems resulting from hormonal changes. Remember, cortisol, a stress hormone is produced in lump sum amounts when sleep is in short supply.

Testosterone, the hormone responsible for muscle growth also decreases when you do not have enough sleep. To make matters worse, sleep deprivation inhibits the work and function of protein pathways and increases degradation pathways. What results, in the end, is the loss of muscle mass.

Can insomnia make you sick?

Hell yeah! Sleep deprivation impacts your immune system negatively leaving you susceptible to a myriad of diseases. 

The link between sleep loss, weight gain, and a spike in blood pressure

America is facing an obesity pandemic because of sleep loss. According to a study conducted in the country, women who barely sleep for five hours every night face the risk of gaining weight compared with ladies who enjoy the company of their covers all night long.

Why is this the case? Sleep regulates your body’s metabolism. It also regulates your blood pressure meaning that hypertension results in its absence.

Closing remarks

Sleep is essential for you to operate at optimum capacity. In fact, medical experts recommend that you sleep for not less than seven hours every night. Doing so not only improves your metabolism but also eliminates your risk of developing serious health complications.

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