If you’re trying to increase your biceps size, be realistic. The shape of your biceps is in large part genetically determined.

Some people have long biceps and can only squeeze in a single finger between their biceps and forearm, whereas others have short biceps with a large peak. So worry about overall mass first before fussing around with building arms like John Cena.

To emphasize the muscle under the biceps and in between the biceps, perform slow contractions with the biceps in a slightly uncomfortable position (shoulders flexed). The muscle under the bicep is more slow-twitch dominant than the biceps themselves, which responds best to fast contractions.

Another thing to consider about building bicep size is hand position. The biceps respond well when your hands are faced palms up and less effective when your palms are faced down.

Now, keep in mind that the biceps are a fast twitch muscle, so when it comes to reps try and do a medium amount of reps instead of overdoing it and possibly hurting yourself.

Of course curls are the most effective workout that target the biceps, but there are other exercises out there that also can affect your biceps. Pull-ups, push ups, reverse curls (palms down), individual dumbbell curls, and lat pull downs, can also attack the arms and really grow those biceps.

Weight is also another key factor to consider when building muscle. Don’t go too light or you won’t be able to feel any growth, and if you go too heavy you won’t be able to do an efficient workout. You want to push yourself a little, not so much that you’ll hurt yourself, but enough so that you are breaking a sweat and straining your biceps so you can build muscle. No pain no gain, right?

Get out there and start sculpting your own biceps of steel!