There are 4 major things that if you will do, they will surprise you with an extra-weight waist cut before landing onto that summer period.

What amount would you lose?

It will depend on you. Meaning, amount of fat you harbor in your body now is screened and determines your need to lose – more of it means a higher need to shed off some.

But even on a less body fat amount, you are still bound to excellent results on approaching the weight loss on the golden 4. So, let’s give them a look.

  1. Exchange the high-calorie food content with the low-calorie options

You can always begin with this before any other method, especially if others might prove hard to start or cope with. If you drink or eat a high-calorie drink or food daily, exchange it for something downing the caloric content. The low-calorie foods or drinks that you have used to substitute the high calorie ones may be made tastier too – if taste is why you go for high calorie foods.

It is surprising what amount of weight you can cut by substituting one drink or food of higher calories with another of low calories. As an example, one guy that I know had cut 20lbs in a period of over three months by substituting Dr. Pepper with the green tea. And another guy also that I know had cut about 100 lbs between a year’s course by applying the same method. They had a habit of drinking a multiple number of soda in a day, and their weight was way worse as they continued. However, they did not have to change their workout routines to realize the substantial weight loss – indeed splendid! Exchanging high calorie food or drink with a low-calorie diet are there for a solution.

  • Tracking what you eat is very vital

You already know that if you will cut on you darn fats then you will have excel the calorie burning process past the amount you permit into your body. Essentially, tracking what you are eating makes it quite easy to know how much amount and to what extent do you burn calories.

However, you can do this through different methods. One, and with greatest accuracy besides being my favorite, is by use of an app – food tracking app. “My Fitness Pal” app is free and it works in an easy way simply by typing in whatever you ate and amount of it. It will respond by tracking a precise calories amount you take on the day. This app, is inbuilt with every kind of food you may be thinking of, not putting aside ones from restaurants and hotels. Its greatest advantage is the short time you take to feed in your data. It will take you about 1 or 2 minutes to feed in your meal.

After knowing how many calories you delve on daily, then you will as well have a better plan on how many calories you should eating to reduce that weight bothering you. As an example, 2500 calories/day should be dropped to 2300 calories/day. As the time goes by, you will be slightly reducing the calories by 100 to 200 per week until you begin experiencing some weight loss.

  • Tracking your workouts while increasing calorie burning

There are points where you cannot go on descending your calorie intake or you may end up starved having nothing consumed at all. But what you need is an increase in the caloric total you burn within a week. Tracking your workouts will enhance the efficiency of calorie burning. For instance, the more reps, sets, and weight lifted each week will indicate the total amount of calories your body will burn. Other ways of tracking your workouts may also be applied. Try using free apps and note points from the approaches applied that matches your aims.

I prefer using Google Sheets even though it’s not fancy. It is just the same thing as an Excel spreadsheet. Have your app from the Google’s free online version. I use app to track all my exercises, sets, reps and weights and this way, I am sure of my progresses every week. If you want to make a move tracking your workouts, just start it. Don’t mind of what method that may be fit for you.

Then make some substantial progress on your exercises every week such as adding an extra rep or topping up your weightlift with 5 lbs weight. This is so adequate to burn you a great number of calories every week.

  • Exchange the low-calories burning exercises with high-calories burning Exercises

What does your current work routine read? Is it including some isolation exercises such as DB lateral raises, leg extension or bicep curls?

You need to note that exercises working only a muscle at a time may not burn many calories compared to compound exercises which engages multiple muscles at a time. Though, we are not saying there is something wrong with isolation exercises, especially if you want to build a particular muscle more than others. But for burning calories goals, you have to apply compound exercises for an effective weight loss. So, better exchange the leg curls and extension exercises. Exchange even the DB curls for chin-ups and the lateral raises. Are you not sure about exchanging a kind of isolation exercise you think is unique?

Have your body at its best this Summer!