Do summer grill fest crapload your plate with additional calories? consider some smart alternative parting 

Everybody likes good BBQ foods. However, the inclusion of a bugger with all the toppings, a slice of pie as a desert, aside coleslaw and bear to have it escorted down throat can increase your caloric intake by over 1000 calories.

Never allow your weekend party plan compromise your workout diet plan .do away with the following seven high-calorie BBQ foods and come up with simple swaps to economies on your calories.

1. Burgers

The majority of guy’s BBQ foods are very high in calories and fats. It is very unfortunate for them. A six ounces’ bugger prepared by eighty percent lean ground beef contains around 425 calories. This amount is with the exclusion of the bun and the extra calories coming from the ketchup, pickles, and mustard.

This fact doesn’t mean you completely do away with the Barger, instead consider coming up with an alternative meal that does not build up all the calories in one foodstuff.   For instance, build all your calories by a diversified diet containing items like turkey and bison. Consider a scenario where 6 ounces of bugger gives around 300 calories then compare with the same portion size of turkey which provides around 250 calories.

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2. Coleslaw

Literary, coleslaw should be served as a healthy side dish because it contains shredded carrots and cabbages as its main component. The added mayonnaise which carries extra 100 calories makes the high fiber cabbages bulge out in a huge volume and increase its overall caloric value. Instead of having such type of slaw consider taking a vinegar based slaw that is lower in calories and more flavor.

3. Beer

Do people like any good BBQ without a cold beer? maybe two or even several bottles of beer!  unfortunately, the most loved drink contains around 150 calories for every 12 ounces of it. The condition is, even more, worse with multiple intakes of bottles of drinks. Even a less concentrated beer that seems better contains about 100 calories that are still on the higher side.

It won’t be good to completely move you from your personal lifestyle but you can go for such alternatives like tequila with soda and squeezed lime or vodka. Such drinks contribute a relatively low calorie of about 70 calories.

4. Potato salad

Potatoes are not that good. They contain low amounts of important nutrients such as vitamins (vitamins c, vitamins B) and mineral (such as potassium) though starchier. Potato salads aren’t that healthier the contain more potatoes with added mayonnaise that accumulates into about 300 calorie meals. 

Go for grilled corn on the cob as an alternative to quench your starchy crave.  Corn is lower in calories. A medium ear of corn contains around 100 calories. They are tastier and requires no other high-calorie accompaniments such as butter.

5. Buns

Consuming a burger alone can contribute 150 calories. If added to extra 425 calories in a patty session total caloric intake can sum up to 575 calories when burger and bun are included. That is the amount without the addition of cheese remember!

 What is the best way of enjoying your meat? Top up your meat with vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce and work it on with your fork. Fold it into a big leaf of dark green vegetables and make an uber – healthy “taco”. Consider taking veggies with a beef kebab as an alternative.

The rule is that don’t waste your calories for the expense of the two mere girly –man slabs.It doesn’t add up!

6 BBQ Sauce

A bottle packed barbecue source is not only packed with calories but also full of high-calorie additives such as caramel coloring and high fructose corn syrup. A ¼-cup of barbecue sauce used in kitchen cooking contains about 125 calories. 14grams of carbohydrates can be produced by a single tablespoon of barbeque source.

 Instead of using barbeque source, consider using olive oil, squeezed lemon or lime juice with added pepper and salt curing.  Zero calorie hot source can alternatively be used too. this approach will positively enhance the taste and flavor of your food without adding weight to your body.

7. Pie

I don’t think there is any other more common food like a piece of blueberry pie topped with whipped cream in America. I think there isn’t any at all!  However, consuming such deserts in America does not bring any solution to the already existing obesity crisis. Topping up your already consumed high calories with a pie containing around 300 extra calories negatively influences your slimming efforts.

We are not sadist to strictly wipe you away from your favorite pie. But here comes a better way of having it done.  Take your pie first, then accompany it with a lighter meal such as fruit-filled deserts (like Greek yogurt and frozen cherry bite)