Dwayne Johnson is no stranger to being injured and today we find out exactly how he reacts when he’s given a sudden dose of pain.

As he was walking by some furniture he slammed his leg on a large piece of metal that was sticking out. The crazy thing is he hit this metal so hard that it left a large chunk of skin behind stuck right to it.

This left a huge cut on the side of his leg that looked very painful.

Source: Instagram screen capture.

Instead of screaming in agony, this is what he does…. he posts to Instagram and says:

Ain’t got time to bleed. Fun pain walkin’ full speed into a sharp corner cuttin’ you so good it gets split & peeled back to the tasty white meat.

It’s not regular pain, it’s “fun pain”. Haha! Here’s the full video.

I guess the best thing to do is just laugh at your pain and keep going!

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