Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson has become a worldwide workout/ health icon. Just take one look at the man and there’s no question that this guy is constantly motivated to be the best that he can be.

“The Rock” is a MASSIVE human being and when asked what keeps him motivated he had two answers: Gratitude and Hunger.

“I try and find a way to be grateful for every single thing I have every single day… the other thing is hunger. You always hear people say ‘Well it’s about being number one’, ‘about being at the top’, or how about this: “You’re always gonna find someone out there who’s gonna work harder.’ Well I don’t know that, that might be bullshit, BUT I know no one is going to be HUNGRIER than I am.”
-Dwayne Johnson via Instagram

This is the mindset that every man and woman needs to go into the gym with. Be grateful that you are able to get better and be hungry enough to want to get better.

Motivation is always hard to find, but I challenge you to watch how hungry Dwayne Johnson is and not feel the want, THE NEED, to reach your goals.