Yes, marriage is not about looks. You need to pick yourself a special someone that it’s better than its appearances. But this doesn’t mean that you should overlook people who like to workout because you consider them to be shallow or vain.

Fit people actually make excellent life partners. And if you are a person interested in any kind of training you’ll dodge of later difficulties by wedding someone who likewise prefers these things. So, here are 8 reasons for you to take in consideration when choosing your special someone to live forever with.

1. Fit men earn extra money.

Women are oftentimes criticized for desiring to marry a man who either has a good capital or has the kind of skill and ambition that will enable him to produce cash in the future.

Not to sound misogynic, but men are customarily the main origins of income. This is even truer after kids are born. And since disputes over the lack of money are the cause of divorce, not marrying an inactive person is a perfectly fair and bright standard for a husband choice.

But what does this have to do with training? Research showed that fit characters usually gain more money than unfit ones. Moreso, the more intense their training method, the more money they make.

This doesn’t mean that if you train hard, it will automatically mean your earnings will grow. However, discipline and drive will teach you how to live in the real world.

2. Fit marriages have limited chances to become fat marriages.

 This is total crap but it’s true. When a spouse gains a lot of extra pounds, this can cause intense marriage issues.

Most people aren’t drawn to very overweight people. Did you know that infidelity is the main reason for divorce? So why do you think infidelity appears? Well, usually because of weight gain,

Weight gain can direct to, or at least increase, depressive manifestations and of course, low self-esteem. Those conditions can lead to attitude and behavioral modifications, anger, and disputes. This means that the person you united your life may start behaving like someone you didn’t wed. So it’s not solely a surface point.

The overweight spouse might also lose his or her sex drive. Women most probably won’t feel beautiful anymore and overweight men can encounter erectile dysfunctions. And a latent sex experience causes the decay of intimacy and increases the feelings of being rejected.

While physical attraction is not the most essential element in a marriage, it is very important nevertheless. So marry someone who takes care of its looks and its health.

3. Fit people know how to stay healthy

Most people gain some weight after marriage. Yes, even fit people do. That’s not a  reason for divorce. But when one spouse loses pounds and the other doesn’t, it can start marital issues.

Studies have shown that if one of the spouses loses weight and the other doesn’t, the pair has a bigger prospect of splitting. The reasons are either opposed lifestyles, possessiveness or nagging.

4. A fit spouse is a great reason to live healthily

A fit life partner keeps you healthy. If your spouse is a fit one, you will probably also exercise more often and choose healthier foods. Overall, it will influence you and attract you in its healthy behaviors.

And yes, a fit person is usually more beautiful or charming than a non-fit person, so other people may be interested in your partner. Don’t look at this as a bad thing, but as a motive to work harder and look better yourself. It’s okay to be a little scared of losing your partner. You will end up appreciating your spouse more and you will work harder to keep your relationship.

5.  Sex is better

Sex is a huge part of the marriage. Experts showed that a sexless marriage, or a bad sex life, often leads to issues that lead to divorce.  So yes, if you live with your spouse as with a roommate you are into some serious issues.

Studies showed that fit people have more sex than unfit people. And this is applicable even after marriage. The reason for this is that toned people normally feel better about themselves and are more inclined to get undressed. They become more flexible and your hormones are boosting the libido.

Because the absence of sex is a very frequent cause of divorce, being married to a fit person increases the chance for a long and happy marriage.

6. Fit people are happier.

The rule is very simple. Training boost your endorphins. They are responsible for your happiness. So, want a happy marriage, pick a fit spouse. It will make you happy.

Researchers proved that struggling with weight can lead to a serious eating disorder that of course, lead to depression. Fit people don’t have this kind of problems. So yes, marry a toned person will make you happier.

7. Fit people live longer

Do you know that “till death do us part” means that marriage should be for life? So, you most probably want to get old with the person next to you. But older than 60. Right? Doing so with an unhealthy person reduces these chances. Of course, you cannot predict any disease, but you can reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes or heart problems.

So having a fit spouse, will increase your chances to live a long, happy life with him/her.

8. You want to share your life with someone that shares your passion

Researches made on geriatric couples proved that a happy couple needs to have similar passions.

So if you will create shared rituals from going to the gym, eating healthy together will bond you even more. Also, you should consider that fresh sweat can work as an aphrodisiac. So going together at the gym will probably lead to an ever greater shared activity.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should marry a person who likes to workout. That doesn’t mean that if you love somebody who doesn’t go to the gym you should not wed him/her. It only means that you should try to explain to your partner the benefits of being fit and now it can change your marriage into a better one.