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Resting Done Right

When getting in a solid workout, rest time between sets often goes overlooked. As long as the sets are getting done, does it really matter how long it takes? The answer is a resounding YES!

How Charles Dixon Built Bodybuilding’s Widest Back

Charles Dixon sports the broadest back in the 212 division. Standing just 5’4″, he looks as wide as he is tall. Experiencing childhood in Greenville, SC, where despite everything he lives, Dixon exceeded expectations at football. He was a running back in school.

How Long Do You Need to Train to Be SHREDDED

After individuals understand their wellness objectives, they regularly wind up noticeably inquisitive about to what extent it’ll take to accomplish their objectives. Be that as it may, there are a wide range of individuals, and they need to prevail in various territories.

Top 5 Methods The Legends Use To Build Serious MASS

What is your goal when it comes to fitness? Are you training for a muscular, Shredded physique?

Judging by the fact you clicked on this article, it’s pretty safe to assume you are interested in gaining the most muscle mass possible.

6 Reasons Why All Women Should Lift Weights

It’s not unusual to enter a typical gym and see majority of females are in the cardio area while all the males are latching onto the nearest barbell.

How to get rid of muscle soreness FAST!

Muscle soreness is something everyone hates with passion.

47 Years Old And SHREDDED

At 12 years old, I was a skinny weakling and an easy prey for bullies as I stood out in absolute contrast to a schoolmate who was a muscle machine. At first, I got into lifting weights only to protect myself. But soon, I was also determined to put myself on a physical par with this schoolmate, my odd twin.

SHREDDED Six Pack Abs Workout

Everyone wants a shredded midsection! A chiseled set of abs is one of the most coveted areas in the fitness industry. What else screams to others that you work out HARD more so then a gloriously sculpted midsection?


Rob Riches is one of the pinnacle natural bodybuilders within the international and owing in big part to Rob Riches diet, he’s also graced the pages of limitless health and muscle magazines. Here Rob shares his intense Chest/Tricep workout and shares a few very beneficial tips.

5 Of The Most Effective Full Body Exercises

When it comes to training there is so much you can do, from training splits to isolation exercises, compound movements and plyometrics to name but a few! One thing is for sure, and that’s the undeniable benefits of full body exercises!