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The Kai Greene Calves Workout

Kai Greene is one of the most highly rated bodybuilders of the modern era. The long dreads have earned him the nickname ‘The Predator’ and his freakish physique has lead to prestigious IFBB pro status. One thing that always stood out on the competition stage was Greene’s massive Hulk-like calves.

Here’s Why You Get Lower Back Pain After Squats & How To Prevent It

To hell with those fitness memes, we know we never skip leg day. A well-rounded training program includes training the upper body and lower body, so if you regularly train legs in your routine, you’re on the right track.

Here’s How to Make Your Stubborn Calves Grow

We’re not here to talk about the anatomy of calves nor how to train them. There’s enough articles about that.
On the contrary, we’re going to show you the mentality about training stubborn calves and unique techniques you can use that will help you grow them quick.

4 Common Gym Mistakes

There comes a time amongst bodybuilders when they have their feelings debased due lack of impact in their training. They find themselves stagnated and they just don’t understand why. Instead, they become angry, unimpressive and even further small due to mental and physical impairment state.

SuperSets — Here’s How To Do It Right.

Super setting is a new technique being used by gym rats to get more gains. Most people just work out haphazardly within the stipulated time their membership holds, or whatever duration a class would last. In fact, for most fitness fanatics, we are basically at the mercy of the instructors.

Here’s The Shortest, Most Effective Cardio

Long time ago, we used to hear of steady state workouts. Today, the commonest technique we hear about is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). However, whenever you meet some swole guy for consultation, I advise that you first of all do some research before doing what they say.

Do You Actually Need to Train Abs?

Most of us are here for the V-shaped back, crazy pumps, and the muscular python arms. We would never miss leg days and those fascinating training sessions. And in between these areas, are the chiseled abs.

6 Mistakes Women Make At The Gym

Occasionally, common mistakes are made in the gym by both men and women with more current trends in female body training specifically raising questions. To begin with, one must be amazed by the faithful promoter of the laughable things women do in the name of workout, for example, those that are mainly consisting of jumping and pseudo-plyometric drills.

How You Can Use Fasted Cardio To Burn Fat

This article should help you learn and by the end of it you should be able to answer these questions:

Does fasted cardio have the capability to help in the loss of fat faster?

Does fasted cardio accelerate muscle loss?

Should one practice it?

Here’s What You Should Do When You’re Super Sore

The greatest magic of exercising is that muscles breakdown first before it builds or become stronger. It sometimes might induce some sore on your muscles and feel a little achy. Yes it would be normal to feel that but there is a normal one and an extreme one.