Simple Workouts That Always Get Results

Ok, I get it. You’re tired after a long day of working, and you don’t want to go to the gym. Fine, that’s cool. Fortunately, you can get a workout in without ever having to lift a weight (aside from your own body).

EXCLUSIVE: Shredded Academy Interviews Hungarian Beauty Anita Herbert

Anita Herbert is a 29 year old professional fitness and bikini athlete. She has won a number of competitions and awards over the past three years (when she started her career in fitness) and in 2017 received her Pro Card after entering the IFBB Arnold Amateur North America and placing 2nd!

Here’s How To Get SHREDDED Without Cardio

As many of us know, cardio workouts are one of the most beneficial factors when trying to lose body fat and get trim for the summer. What you may not know is this: if you hate cardio, you don’t have to do it.

Dwayne Johnson’s KILLER Leg Workout

These days, it seems like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is everywhere you look. On the news, in magazines, in TV shows, etc. In fact, this past year, Johnson was the second highest paid actor in the world ($65 million), right behind fellow muscle-man Mark Wahlberg ($68 million), and he’s looking to top it this year.

Wounded In Action, This Disabled Veteran Refuses To Make Excuses

On June 23, 2007 during his third deployment to Iraq, Derek Weida, an Airborne Infantry Sergeant in the U.S. Army, led a group of soldiers on a nighttime raid to a darkened house. As the rifle team leader, he would have to be the first through the door. Before entering, the team heard the men […]

Feeling Lazy? Here’s Your Motivation

You’re nearing the end of your week. You’ve kept up with your diet, kept up with your workouts, but it’s getting harder. Your muscles are aching, your mind is telling you that you’ve done enough today, quietly whispering in your ear “11 reps is fine.” It’s time to find your motivation again.

Here’s How Ryan Reynolds’ Keeps His Superhero Body

Ryan Reynolds was not always the action star we all know and love today, nor did he look the part. Back in his days as frat star Van Wilder, Reynolds’ body was in quite a different shape as he seemed to take on the role outside of the movies as well.

Swedish Fitness Pro Sandra Reiche is a BEAST

Sandra Reiche is a 31 year old fitness and bikini model from Sweden. She’s been in the profession since she was about 25 after starting serious weight training. Before this, however, Sandra admits she was not treating her body the way she would have liked.

Kevin Hart: There’s Nothing Funny About Working Out

This funny man has made his fortune in stand-up comedy and in the movies, but what about what he’s been doing in the gym? Kevin Hart has quickly become one of the faces of fitness.

Here’s How Hugh JACKEDman Became Wolverine

Before his iconic role as “Wolverine”, very few people knew about Hugh Jackman, but after he bulked up and made his appearance as one of the most recognizable characters in film history, everybody knows this Aussie kicks ass. If you want to get mutant strength like the Wolverine, here’s how to do it.