Fitness Diva Andreia Brazier | Complete Workout And Diet Routine

My lifestyle was always healthy although I never really had a body that I was proud of.

How Conor McGregor Stays Motivated

Love him or hate him, Conor McGregor, is a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve ever watched his interviews one thing certainly shines through – the guy just believes in himself.

Here’s 4 Traps Workouts For Some Serious Traps GAINZ

It is absolutely essential that you work out your traps, or trapezius muscles, as they help you maintain good posture, and add to your strength, endurance, stamina and balance. The trapezius muscles are unique in the sense that they are not concentrated in a particular area of your body. Traps begin from the upper neck […]

Here’s The Top 6 Healthy FATS You Should Include In Your Diet

1. Coconut Oil is a medium chain fatty acid.

In fact, coconut oil has been reported as nature’s richest source for medium chain fatty acids. MCFAs easily digested, naturally putting less strain on our digestive systems. Lastly, MCFAs help stimulate our metabolisms, making it an excellent tool for weight loss!

46 Years Young And SHREDDED | Alex Woodson

I started weight training at the age of 17 while in high school and I immediately fell in love with it.

Here’s How To Build Massive Calf Muscles

The most stubborn and hard to develop body part for most bodybuilders is definitely a pair of diamond shaped calves.

The Top-5 Back Training Mistakes, And How To Correct Them

It’s complicated. Combining ball-and-socket joints that allow maximum arm mobility, a ribbon of snaking bones and nerves that divide the region down the middle, and a phalanx of big and small muscles spread from your butt to your neck, your back is your most complex bodypart.

5 Ways To Recharge Your Back Workouts

Backs make bodybuilders. OK, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but consider this: powerlifters, football players and wrestlers may possess colossal legs, arms and necks, but how many of them have attention-grabbing backs?

Here’s The Blueprint On How To Become SHREDDED (Part 1)

A common scene really, but it’s uncommon that someone’s efforts actually payoff the way they originally intended.

26 Year Old Fitness Model Andrew Jones Carries His Heart In His Backpack

Today we’re gonna tell you an amazing story about a guy who carries an artificial heart in his backpack. Yes, exactly, you got it right!