6 Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Exercise has a lot of incredible and surprising benefits that can enhance your mood, increase your brain function, and improve your mental health. You’ll be amazed with the life-changing results you can gain through regular physical activity. Exercising is a wonderfully healthy habit for both the body and the brain. Anxiety & Depression In the […]

Does Fasting Boost Metabolism?

Fasting is an age-old religious practice that can be traced back to the times of Moses. However, fasting no longer revolves around the religious scenes alone. Physical fitness enthusiasts also do it with the aim of losing a few pounds.  People have for a long time believed in fasting as a way of shredding but […]

Can Running or Lifting Weights Keep You Young?

Have you ever sat back and wondered whether running or weight lifting can keep you young and vibrant? To be honest; many people never wish to get old.  It is for this reason that many individuals have tried physical fitness training as a way of slowing down the body’s aging process. According to a study […]

Bulk or Cut? Here’s What You Should Do

Physical fitness is not all about cutting down the extra pounds. You can as well bulk up. Have you ever visualized the kind of physique you would want to build only to end up confused? Fret not for you are never alone. To be honest, there are thousands of fitness enthusiasts from all across the […]

Top 10 Tips for Building a Killer Core

Abs are the holy grail of physical fitness. Sadly, many people focus too much on endurance and strength thereby neglecting their core. What they do not realize is that the core has to be strengthened for them to become sturdy. Recall, the core is made up of a complex series of muscles that originate in […]

Does Training Your Legs Boost Testosterone Levels?

Have you ever wondered why some bodybuilders look like a character out of a comical scene? It is because they concentrate too much on their upper body that they forget about their lower limbs. Legs, to say the least, are just as important as all the other parts of your body. Therefore, they, too, require […]

7 Useless Exercises That Waste Your Time

Does going to the gym excite or frustrate you? Many people find the gym a haven on their very fast days. However, this perception quickly changes after some time when there are little to no results that are worth showing for your efforts. So, what causes your woes? Poor workout techniques and routines might grind […]

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Eat Late At Night

Eating late in the night is a taboo. As a matter of fact, it is a practice highly discouraged by medical experts from all across the globe.  As you will later on realize, there are numerous studies that have proved nigh time feeding a pain in the neck and here are the reasons why. Late […]

Doing Low Carbs? Here’s What You Should Avoid

How do you lose excess fat from your body? A low-carb diet will certainly get the job done. According to research, diets low on carbohydrates reduce your risk of becoming resistant to insulin. Thus, your risk of becoming a diabetic reduces with a significant margin. Recall, a low-carb diet reduces amounts of foods people tend to […]

7 Bad Habits That Make You Fat

Bad habits are like a plague. They match in when you least expect and in their wake lead to a lot of destruction. Body fat increase, being one of the worst things that can happen to your physiology is avoided like the plague. Cardio and carb-cycles, although helpful may never hit the mark if you […]