Lifestyle tips

Being a healthy, active person is a series of choices. The hobbies we pursue, the people we surround ourselves we, and the trends we follow define our lifestyle. What changes can you make to your routine to improve your lifestyle?

How to do CHEAT DAY Right

Cheat meals-the double edge sword. This is the meal you look forward to but also dread at the same time. Once the meal is over you automatically start thinking of what the physical outcomes is going to be. Here is the thing:

So You Think You May Have A Body Image Disorder?

In the health and fitness industry body image disorders are on the rise! Men and women alike are looking into the mirror and criticizing their bodies. Thoughts like ‘I am not big enough’ and ‘I am not lean enough’ are all too common but when do these thoughts become unhealthy? When do these thoughts start to signify a body image disorder?

How To Get In Shape While Watching TV

There are some things you can do but some of them don’t actually involve sitting
(some of them do though!) but you can enjoy doing a number of different movements without having to miss out on your favorite shows! Sometimes, you can even use the TV as a source of exercise!

Effects Of Smoking Marijuana And Working out

Marijuana is a substance, which is usually hot off the press for a number of different reasons.

Most recently it’s been hitting headlines due to its medicinal properties and its ability to cure various forms of cancer.

The Shocking Truth About Alcohol and GainZ

The sad truth is that as much as you love a drink, alcohol can be your worst enemy for a number of different reasons.

That refreshing mojito or sensual glass of red wine may wind you down a bit at the end of a long, hard, stressful day but how is it affecting other areas of your life?