How to Get That Six Pack Fast — 7 Unknown Secrets

Abs are downright fascinating. As a matter of fact, men from all across the globe wish they could turn their bellies into an amusement park of sorts for added aesthetics leave alone a powerful midsection. Unfortunately, six packs do not grow on trees. You have to hassle hard for you to get anything worthwhile. For […]

Can You Ditch Your Mattress for a Week?

Can you dump your bed and sleep on a hard floor for a week? That is the million dollar question that needs gazillion dollar responses today. The thing is; beds are downright comfortable. They not only lead you to a good night’s sleep but also ensure you wake up feeling relaxed. However, there is one […]

Build Muscle Mass With This Workout Program

Want to build lean muscle? Try this workout and use these tips! Let’s get real. Building muscle mass and being in great shape is probably every man’s dream. Some people want that V-shaped back, some want strong arms, some want a strong big chest, and most commonly—who doesn’t want the shredded abs? If you’re one […]

All About Building Muscle Mass

Every body is different, every fitness goals are different. Among the countless fitness goals out there, one of the most sought after – and the hardest to achieve – is to build muscle without the fat.  Often referred to as ‘Clean bulking’, this is quite a challenging task because one need to ‘eat more to […]

Here’s What to eat to gain muscle Mass faster

Eat more… The end. The most basic concept in human nutrition is the energy balance model shown below. Simply put, if the amount of calories in your diet exceeds the number of calories your body needs you will put the weight on.